Turks are most retarded and cucked race on earths

>be random kurd
>fly to sweden, claim asylum with your family. say that turks want to genocide you.
>get 3000€ neetbux with your family while turkish neurosurgeons earn 1000€
>your daughter shits on turks 7/24 on twitter
>get corona
>ultrakrautchanmoderated swedes go for herd immunity theory and leave you untreated

bear in mind at this point entire family is swedish citizens. they dropped turkish citizenship.

>girl makes a new twitter account
>replies to turks who call her out "you'd die for europe if you had the chance"
>t*Rks still hire private hospital jet to transport refugee kurd with no citizenship to treat him

meanwhile turks are dying on streets with 0 help from government and t*Rks arent even counting the dead correctly

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some kurd said turks are genociding us and fled to sweden. got swedish citizenship and shat on turks 24/7 his daughter also did the same.
years later he caught corona and now he needs a ventilator. swedes refuse to treat him. his daughter cries on twitter. turks send a private jet to pick him up and treat him. he is not even a turkish citizen anymore.

meanwhile turks are dying on streets with no masks and turkish government is hiding the amount of dead.

>swedes refuse to treat him.
>turks send a private jet to pick him up and treat him
Citation needed

how do you know it was actually turks that helped her and not her 500 people extended family

use google translate

t*Rks can only count to one because roaches have no fingers

not the op
the daughters of that traitor

this retarded act was done just to "prove" "eur*pe is bad, we the best" sentiment while actually rewarding traitors who left turkey.

>B-but THE KURDS!!!
>indebendend gurdistan:DDD

the only reason t*RKs are doing this is because turks are hiding coronavirus numbers

they are creating this fake shitty propaganda where europeans and all first worlders are dying but ERDOGAN & TURKEY strong and we help everyone etc. meanwhile poor t*Rks who earn 200€ / month die on streets

according to this t*Rks manage(roughly) koronabirus two times better than canadians.
and people call swedes kcmodded. they are the most alpha viking people there is.

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Based Kurds

turks unironically think only 2700 people died from 100k + cases. europeans are shit and erdogan strong!!!

also during first days of crisis they left the cemetary portion of estate(turkish state portal) for istanbul. there you could see every death in istanbul with cause of death. 20 people died in istanbul alone and on the same day they announced only 16 people died that day.

word got out and they shut it down immediately.


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second pm of turkey was a kurd, president before erdogan was kurd.

kurds are 18% of turkeys population and probably around 50%+ of ministers are kurdish, including current health minister.

based KÜRDs

Nationalism is a mental illness

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>turks unironically think only 2700 people died from 100k + cases. europeans are shit and erdogan strong!!!

only erdogo supporters

Yes they are very based

Just because your country doesn’t have anything to be proud about doesn’t mean others don’t either

sorry this is a t*RRRRRRRRK hate thread if you love t*Rks so much go back to hellas threads and talk with your TÜRK brothers

hold on there champ, i thought we were going to criticize k*rds but you went full terrorist. At MAX k*rds are 15% of the country and the health minister is from konya, literally one of the most turkish and cuckservative cities. And more than 75% of the ministers are from black sea region. We could have had a good discussion but you had to ruin the thread with cringe baits.

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t*rks have to fight Kurdish women and children because they know the men will beat them into the ground

Yikes. Turkey should be ruled by BALKAN BVLLS exclusively.

all turks in europe should be put in meat grinders and fed to dogs

Fahrettin Koca, Konya Kürtlerindendir. Kulu ilçesine bağlı Ömeranlı mahallesinde doğmuştur.Ömeranlı yerleşimi ismini Kürt aşireti olan Reşvan konfederasyonuna bağlı olan Ömeran aşiretinden almaktadır. Kürt aşiretleri bilindiği gibi Osmanlı döneminde Konya’ya göç ettirilmişlerdir.
ulan adamın tipi textbook KÜRD zaten allahını siktimin t*Rk köpeği hala boş yapıyon ataPİÇini sikerim

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>swedes refuse to treat him
I severely doubt that doctors and hospitals in Sweden, if true, are refusing to treat the guy.
Its more likely the case that they don't have any room TO treat him.
Either way, Sweden is shit and the Swedish government is full Retard on how they're going about this Corona virus thing.
Heard immunity my ass.

refer to

can you go back to KC tyvm

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people are expecting thanks

his daughter says "i'll only come to turkey for vacation"


Based as fuck bro

>Fahrettin Koca evet Kürttür.
>Sağlık Bakanı Fahrettin Koca kökeniyle ilgili bir açıklamada bulunmadı.

;DDdd nice citation from kürtler.com. using that logic i could also claim that genghis khan was turk by citing atsizcilar.com

ulan adamın tipi KÜRT aq ne mal adam sın aşiret kürdü bildiğin allahını siktiimin t*RKosu