In this Thread we thank germany for culling the eastern european masses and for stopping the bolshevik threat from...

In this Thread we thank germany for culling the eastern european masses and for stopping the bolshevik threat from taking over all of europe. Post "Himmler you were right" in the thread to show your appreciation for a good cause.

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The countries that were under Soviet occupation are today in a better state than those under Anglo occupation. I wish Soviets had invaded the UK desu

You wish loser, try winning a war next time.

It was 4h in Hermany, Himler was just one of them.

Thanks to Italian niggers, Europe is full of actual niggers. Why did Hitler trust you low IQ Moors anyway?

reminder that OP is a mentally ill Polish immigrant

what's the difference between nazism and communism? literally the same shit tbqh

where are da german women at

What are you smoking? Eastern europe is for the most part Africa 2.0. Only bigger cities and only the center of those cities have it a bit better.
Go outside of those cities and you quickly find out that everybody still uses horses to pull carts around. Most eastern european countries doesn't even have running water or electricity for the most part.

You made it spread more than it otherwise would have.

Will Europe ever thank us for sacrificing our cunt to save them from the Commies?

Göring you were right

>le moor meme
Kys anglo trash

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Parts of Western Europe *are* Africa. This is not happening in Eastern Europe. Living off the land with horses and carts is nothing bad and reinforces the blood and soil definition of nationhood.

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Was there a more based country than nazi germany? Anglos just wanted money, soviets just wanted to spread a ideology made by some hobbo. The only true protectors of EVROPA were fascists.

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One was lead by ethnic Germans for the benefit of ethnic Germans, the other was led by Jews for the benefit of other Jews. On the whole very similar.

You have some africans but they also live in much better living standards than most polish or russian people.
>Living off the land with horses and cart...

I agree, but why is your nation like it is today? Why are Germans so meek and flabby? Did all the real men die in the war?

You're not fascists, you're a bunch of we wuzzing snow niggers who claimed the achievements of romans.

Polish? I said eastern europe in general. That includes poland.

Nobody cares about muh living standards. It will be better growing up as a Polish child in Poland in the year 2050 than it will be growing up as a German child in Germany in the same year.

That is literally what Mussolini did.
People are waking up currently. Many already realized that multiculturalism isn't the way to go. You even got small settlements popping around germany with strict rules nowadays who can come in and who cannot.
Our media portrays them as racists but there is nothing they can do.

>stopping the bolshevik threat from taking over all of europe.

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>Uh yes hi, Hello.
>Could you get me Bomber Harris on the phone?
>I have an important message for him.

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Doubt. Once the EU gibs stops you probably will have a civil war in poland.

You will NEVER reproduce :)

Yes, see all that blue territory, without us it would be all red.

Mussolini had the DNA of his ancestors inside him. You claimed ancient romans were nordicks and we wuzzed till the end of the war.

Civil war between who? Civil war will start in Germany between ethnic Germans and the Turks.

over what
we're ethnically, linguistically and politically homogenous. like literally we have nothing to have a civil war over

>without us it would be all red
kek, delusional trannime weeb


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Himmler was an absolute /x/ tier shizo

Do you really think Stalin would have not been going for all of Europe?

Ancient Romans were Nordics though.

Yas Forumstard cringe

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