As an Iphone user I l look down upon Android users. I can't help it...

As an Iphone user I l look down upon Android users. I can't help it, but the feeling is that of how a Feudal master feels about his peasants or how a Patrician feels about plebeians. Especially when they have a Hawaii or Xingshit or whatever they call the chink phones nowdays, and they say 'look at all the cool shit my phone can do', im like great, now get away from my presence peasant, I've got rich people shit to do. Android users can seethe at us as much as they want, but they can't have this feeling when they have an Shitdroid kek. You ca only understand this feeling when you have a (newer) Iphone

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The new one looks like shit with these cameras

>Made in China vs Made in China


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I have an iPhone 7, still works like I bought it yesterday. Android niggers are just too poor to afford iPhones so they brag about "muh feeturz" that they end up not using because they have a PC at home anyways.

stpoped reading after iphone user

I don’t even understand the point of Android considering apple has affordable options since like 2017

> acting high and mighty because you are a nice little consoomer of the corporate overlords.
Grow up

>yes I'm an apple fan, I only use mac!

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Xiaomis are £150 and last around 2 years while iPhones are £750 and last 5 years, albeit with a cracked screen. Also buying the chink phones is less stressful as you are not that worried about damaging or losing them.

apple is great . they have a few flaws but what they offer is pretty amazing. its definitely not for people who are price conscious. the apple hate is not warranted

t. software eng at microsoft

The only good thing about them is that the OS is good, otherwise it is just overpriced garbage.

As my uni professor used to say, people who buy apple are dumb slaves, I wholeheartedly agree with him, no person in their right mind would ever get locked into their dumb fucked up ecosystem and get a slave collar for just $999.99 for having the "privilege" to use an overpriced hunk of metal. It's really quite amusing even considering the fact that Samsung makes Super AMOLED displays and puts them into their phones for a fair price while iChildren brag about like Applel and personally Tim ''The gay faggot" Cock invented it in his personal cuck shed while fisting Job's dead corpse.

dangerously based

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If you have more than average insta follwers you are fine

nah both hardware and software are quite good. developing your own soc isnt free nor is ios free. the material cost itself is around 400 dollars usd.

>I am better than you because I consoom this
>You are worse than I am because you consoom that
Unironically just b urself faggots, why do you care if others are being retarded with their money or not.

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sour apple tribe better than green demon tribe

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sounds like your uni professor is seething he doesnt get to work at FAANG and is teaching at a shithole university in a shithole country. seriously, what professor would randomly start fanboying inthe middle of a lecture?

بٍٍٍٍََُُُِّّّْرٍٍٍٍََُُِِّّّْآٍٍٍَُّ :microbe: بٍٍٍٍََُُُِّّّْرٍٍٍٍََُُِِّّّْآٍٍٍَُّ

I buy Android because features but I don't do anything fancy. It works then it's good. It doesn't stutter, It has 5000mA battery and it can last 2 days without charging.
I know this is bait but I know people that think like you and guess what? They are good with Apple products because they don't want to think too much about which phone has better features. Girls on the other hand want iPhone because every cool kids has an iPhone

An iPhone can last 4-5 years
Androids usually start working like shit after 2

I paid 150 Euro for my phone and the camera is great considering the price. And all of them can access the internet. That's all I care about.
In my book I saved several hundred Euro by being smart about my choices.

apple prices are ridiculous and totally not worth the hardware and software
t. software eng at amazon

My samsung s5 (all original parts including battery) has been working just fine since 2014

I use a phone I paid 140€ for over 3 years ago but I have 30.000€ worth in stocks

Better teach at a shithole university in a shithole country than getting buttfucked by a fat corporate cock.
>what professor would randomly start fanboying inthe middle of a lecture
It was pertinent to the topic at hand. We were discussing various hardware architectures.

do people still buy apple products?

>t. software eng at amazon
It doesn't mean you know your shit, disgusting code monkey.

being rich is a mindset user
t. make 150k after tax a year and has the same phone 6 year

> It doesn't mean you know your shit
why not?

> disgusting code monkey.
That was totally uncalled for

People define themselves by consumerist purchases? Do westerners really?

iPhone is for amerisharts and women

Cheap chinkphones are for coping poorfags, /g/ trannies and contrarian dorks

The Chadlaxy is the only patrician option

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