eagrán eitneachta Gearmánach Prúiseach

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Meabhrúchán chun tuairisc agus neamhsuim a dhéanamh de cacpostáil.

>Prussia no longer exists
Feels bad man. If only they hadn't been so arrogant and short-sighted.

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shouldn't you be posting your grossgermaniums on /gsg/?

I'm very bad at those games.

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So you're q cuckold who likes black dick basically?

>the electricity hasn't been cut once since the lockdown began
What am I going to do with all these candles?

increasingly keep seeing more shite cancerous threads everywhere that piss me off for varying reasons, I desperately wish I wasn't addicted to Yas Forums

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What is even the appeal of Yas Forums these days?

There can still occasionally be the odd good bit of discussion on it. You have to dig through all the shite to find it though.

but surely you can form a grossgermanium? if not you should seek help

But when it comes to discussing individual games is /vg/ not better?

Lots of games without generals on /vg/

A lot of the generals are mainly shitposting, plus you might want to discuss a game that doesn't have a general

I've always wondered how generals for new games that aren't AAA blockbusters or games with cult followings spawn on /vg/. Some of the generals have been there forever so when you go there you almost know what you're going to see in the catalog. Sure, somebody could create a thread for smaller niche game, but it nobody expects such a thread to be there then who will post in it? I guess that variety is ultimately why Yas Forums still holds appeal.

*if nobody expects

Anyone up for a bit of TF2?

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I'm down for Through the Ages.

Never played it, what's it about?

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Might have a go at it so

Oh wait nevermind, I didn't realise it cost money


Can we play online with that?

Yep, I believe so. When you launch it asks you to create an account but you can just type in any random email/username, doesn't require confirmation or anything.
Able to view all online lobbies then.

Do recommend doing the tutorial, bit long but is good and necessary I would say.

Now here's a game worth playing...

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>have a bottle of water filled to the brim
>accidentally squeeze it a bit when drinking
>goes fucking everywhere
why does this keep happening to me

Because you keep filling it to the brim.

I'm starting to lose it lads



Did the tutorial there. Interesting concept but I just don't really like card games in any shape or form. I think I'd prefer Civ, sorry

Fair enough. We used to play Civ before. Wouldn't mind another game.

Well I have Civ5 and I think CreamAPI works for multiplayer on that, want to have a go?