A map of Europe divided into nations with the same GDP as London edition

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Wonder if this leftypol guy actually thinks he's gonna convert us into communists

Sorry lad, I'm a Tory Chad

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Most middle aged white women don't find
the vast majority of black men attractive at all, yet they all fancy Idris Elba. Wonder why this is.

What was this fat gammon thinking talking shit to a man from Tower Hamlets?

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Bit early there faggitron.

London should secede from britain

ASMR is just Onlyfans for incels

That would be amazing, London is a giant tumor

are you rich

Women are something between and NPC and literal cattle.


Thanks for reminding, time for my nightly ASMR video trawl and download.

Most white women don't fancy black men at all.
Not sure about zoomers tbf but most girls my age, so 25 and above, think it's odd to go out with a black guy, if a girl has had a black bf it's a notable fact about her.
Same can be said for guys and black women too. Maybe it's just an Irish thing mind.

London should rejoin britain

this is me when I'm sick haha

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I wonder what the gdp of individual london boroughs is

Make Albion White again

He's a very attractive man. Most women don't give a fuck about skin colour, unlike rorke.

No one:
Yas Forums: Most white women don't fancy black men at all.
Not sure about zoomers tbf but most girls my age, so 25 and above, think it's odd to go out with a black guy, if a girl has had a black bf it's a notable fact about her.
Same can be said for guys and black women too. Maybe it's just an Irish thing mind.


You could always save like mad for a few years then move down the career ladder. Don't understand why you would put yourself through that if you have a choice.

seething darkoid present

god economics is so dumb look at this nonsense
hate money

The state should build affordable, quality homes for young people to buy with enough room to raise a family in, a little bit of land for vegetables or a flower garden.

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My time inside the findom community has helped me to learn all of the sneaky tricks they used AND it's helped to cure me of my findom fetish. Time well spent all in all

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I think London will be cool again when it's an enormous cyberpunk megacity owned by a megacorp oligarchy

It's technically on the way to becoming this already but it's not there yet so it's kinda cringe

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>onlyfans is not for incels

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it shouldnt escape your trousers though

Hello my friend how are you

Heiß über Londons Boden die Sonne glüht,
Unsere Panzermotoren singen ihr Lied.
Deutsche Panzer im Sonnenbrand
Stehen zur Schlacht gegen Engeland!
Es rasseln die Ketten, es dröhnt der Motor,
Panzer rollen in London vor!

Panzer des Führers ihr Britten habt acht!
Die sind zu eurer Vernichtung erdacht!
Sie fürchten vor Tod und vor Teufel sich nicht!
An ihnen der britische Hochmut zerbricht!
Es rasseln die Ketten, es dröhnt der Motor,
|: Panzer rollen in London vor! :|

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>He's a very attractive man.
never seen this
just looks like a fairly average person

>It's technically on the way to becoming this already
Technically it's on the way to becoming Lagos 2.0

Money helps to an extent but honestly my life is miles better knowing I have a girlfriend I love, knowing my diet is strong and exercising and taking care of myself (strong savings rate, reading, active social life).

People laugh because it's a meme but it's absolutely true.

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Just woke up and decided to log in into /brit/

Processed Chicken Curry-lite
On processed ready meal rice, cooked in a microwave.
On Processed White bread.
At four times the cost.


One month in as a freelancer and I've made just shy of $1k. Don't know how they do it desu, have to hustle for literally every bit of work you do, take it at a low rate, do unpaid overtime when they ask you to make changes based on things they didn't mention in their original criteria, and so on. Work is always insecure, and you don't get any annual leave, holiday pay, or pension.

Shall be returning to a PAYE job as soon as this corona nonsense is over desu.

London is and always has been cool. No matter how much bumpkins seethe.

i'd have no problem eating this ngl

the limit?
the fence?
the the moon?


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I'd probably eat everything but the plastic bread.

>strong savings rate
in this environment?!

have all except the bottom two in the leftmost column. is that why I want to kill myself?


Wonder how good it must feel to knock someone out


How often do you think about women?

The state should build mass commieblocks over every inch of land. A one bedroom flat for each man and woman free of charge. Rentbergs dominion ended forever.

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smiling woman drinking colourful bev

How often do you think about semen?

>London is and always has been cool.

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microwave rice is actually pretty good imo

I think some people are just touch-starved
"have sex" is such a silly retort
it should really be
"have hug"

peng as

Tell me more about how great London is.
Where you escape the dindu's by going to museums and walking in nature, where it is free which is great because you give all your money to rent-berg and house share at 30yo

In a similar situation myself. It is a serene 13 degrees outside so i may get out of bed and sit in the sun soon.

When you're old enough to leave school you can start a party that advocates that policy lad. Don't get overly attached to your electoral deposits though.

yeah when I watch eastenders I think cor these people are so cool

me in the drinking lots of water but literally nothing else lmao

maybe you should try getting a job

Seethe on gammon bumpkin.

High mark-up.
Used to love the packet rice which you but in the microwave with some marg/butter.

These are hugely important to my sense of being and my sense of esteem so I wouldn't be surprised if they are for others too.

Having a career that you feel is fulfilling, stretching and worthwhile makes a huge difference, as does having mates. Just spoke to one of my mates on the phone since we quarantined and I feel overwhelmingly positive after it.

You don't nede them though to live a good life and I hope it gets better for you. Suicide is never the answer.

My job is still going, just WFH, so I'm actually saving.

Every second

Been hugged so few times in my life that it feels really weird when I actually do get hugged

The gf says she finds me really attractive when I do mature things like cooking, organising, DIY, construction, painting, cleaning, repairing, but finds me unattractive when I do lazy things like stay in bed all day, stay in my pyjamas all day, eat junk food, play video games or watch TV all day.
Why can't she like me when I do things I enjoy?

I hooked up with a really hot guy one night...very passionate sex, big dick and blew his load in me. I drove home, went to bed, kept it in me all night. The next morning I showered, dressed and headed to work. While walking from my car into work the load let loose...damn, never realized how big it was and I had expected I would have absorbed it while asleep. Anyway I could feel how wet I was now. When entering the building I immediately went to the mens room, took my trousers. and then my boxers. The boxers were soaked, but thank god the cum didn't reach my trousers. The scent was intoxicating...cum marinating inside me all night. I put my trousers back on, went into my office and stuck the boxers in my desk drawer....I was hard all day

Miss the doggo

Go on, tell me how great London is.
Can you even afford Fish n Chips


sea men?

When the supermarket doesn't have my cod

>Why yes I'm a Capricorn, how could you tell?