If rape was legalized for 1 week in your country

would that affect your life or the life of the sluts that you know?would you try to get your fair share of pussy or not?if yes,how exactly?

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i'm not sure raping a woman sobbing, yelling an crying is that hot and pleasurable desu

i think rape is immoral

My gf is into rapeplay so I doubt it would change much desu.

Well for one, the gays that just flirt would be let loose. Second, I would try to rape roasties.

I think it would be based to do this while we still are under quarantine, imagine packs of horny men lurking around, searching for women day and night. they never would return to their homes and would sleep around fires in the street

people in the first world don't not rape because it's illegal, but because it's wrong and disgusting, muhammad

I will protect my virginity at any costs I don't care if rape is legal

rape being legal would not stop men from protecting their women. most men would rather go to jail as murderers than see their mothers, sisters, wives and daughters get raped. at least I hope so.

No change for me. My FWB is very subby and into abuse, so I can already act out whatever I want with her.

Lockdown won't be over for another week. If rape is legalized I'd only do that to my sister, as she's the only person I've met in the last 2 months and she's also cute.

Calm down Adolf

How many times have you spied her naked or stolen her panties?

I would rape all homophobes I can find

hello, based department

I would only grape those I see as subhuman, so yes I would grape all women

Remarkably based post


Never spied her naked but I love sniffing her panties.

Let's see...
>live right next to a primary school
>see prime breeding material girls going to school every morning
Hmmmm, yes, it would certainly affect my life in a positive way

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>fair share of pussy

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Yeah my cock would be quite bruised after the whole ordeal.

They will be busy raping the other women

i would protect women from rape, i know a girl who was raped and it was very very traumatic for her and she can't even talk about it without crying and being sad for the rest of the day

you are not cute

Probably crying because she realizes she will never have hot sex like that again

>Muslimcels think raping your cousin is the only way people have sex before marriage

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Give a logical reason why rape is wrong besides emotional cuck moralfagging. Modern women spend their whole lives whoring around, why is it so bad to be "forced", it's not comparable to male rape when it's a painful and new experience; with women they are taking chad's cock in their pussy from age 12.
>very very traumatic
Oh boo hoo you had to fuck a non-chad for once, get over it whore.

I would go into crowds of attractive women, surely one of them would rape me

>emotional cuck moralfagging