I admire Slovenia. They have created an incredibly safe country with high standards of living...

I admire Slovenia. They have created an incredibly safe country with high standards of living, good quality of education DESPITE muh communismus, being dominated and getting land-grabbed by neighbouring countries and being a tiny Slavic nation. The Slovene economy is stronger than Spain, Portugal and Italy, the country is safer than Western Europe despite being in brief state of war only 30 years ago, and everyone knows Gorenje home equipment, madlad Zizek, Planica and winter sports and based Laibach.

What are your thoughts on this marvel of a country? I think only Estonians challenge them in terms of building a country despite constant oppression and destruction by imperialistic countries

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It's not even a country. The West is in Italian natural borders ad the East should return to Yugoslavia.

Yeah it's pretty good.

it's pretty cool indeed

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>good quality of education DESPITE muh communismus
That's not despite, that's because of communism. Commies are known for good education, just not in bs tiers like gender studies but in actual sciences, literature, philosophy and engineering.

only if you frow up in ljubljana/the coast/ 'big' cities

iz kje ste, prijatelji

>odraščanje v mestnem smogu

Iz ene gorenjske vasi

>Iz ene gorenjske vasi
ahhh... zavidam. bi si kupil vikend tam

Also, average wage in Slovenia is 1200€/month which is not great, definately behind Western Europe in that regard. Also our railways are 3rd world tier.
But overall, standard of living is still high, just not as high as in northwestern Europe or Australia for example,

Visited Slovenia last summer, Maribor, Ljubljana, Lake Bled

Very nice

Start using the Cyrillic script

To the west of Prekmurje the landscape is varied, with many mountains and forests. Maribor is not a big attraction. The center of Ljubljana is beautiful but it is surrounded by many commieblocks with graffities. The beach is beautiful except for Koper but small shores. The most beautiful part is the northern / western part of the country, with a clean mountain environment, villages, towns. I would live in Bled or Kranj.

actually this. All eastern euros own their house becasue comminists gave them 4 free

is your wine good?

Do the towns near Trieste speak Italian?

>clean mountain environment
doubt. gif

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not true about railways. we have very short distances and too many stops to reach very high speeds. also we bought 60 new trains

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all albanians and slovienians can speak italian




we have bilingual areas at the border with italy, and we have mandatory italian classes in school for 12 years

the teachers are shit tho so i cant speak it after learning it for so many years

allora I will visit then

whats the point of having non international trains in such a small country?

I'm not going to contradict the claim that communist education in science, math, engineering is good, because I wouldn't know about it. But anything in the humanities (philosophy, history, literature, etc) it's complete garbage. The reason being that communist education in these fields only teaches marxist theory - if they present other perspectives, at best they are absurd caricatures of those perspectives. But on the other hand, non-communist education does include marxist theories, alongside other frameworks of interpretation. And marxist theories are given at least a fair representation, in some institutions even perhaps too much of a positive bias for them.

Slovenians are lovely people, there are lots of them working here in Trieste, they are my favourite minority, meanwhile Serbs...

We worship Slovenia out here

you can visit me and I'll show you my vineyard

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I don't like wine


I must confess. We had an exchange student from Slovenia in my class (he was Italian citizen) in highschool and people always thought of Slovenia to be like a generic eastern bloc country like in Eurotrip.

>people are dumb

Super nice, is landscape like this common in Slovenia?

Slovenia's pretty based ngl.

looks like heaven

in the western part of slovenia, yes

We have a lot of hills

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it's an extremely diverse country. we have everything

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It's the only perfect country.

>gave them 4 free
they took away your house before that though. And in return you got a commieblock apartment