Which country is seething at your flag hardest on Yas Forums?

Which country is seething at your flag hardest on Yas Forums?
For Germany it's Italy these days

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Our own

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That's Galicia, but same

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Me and Germany :3

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Italy is such a shithole and in worse financial shape than thirdworld countries

Nobody. Everyone adores and cherishes England. We are the most beloved nation on planet Earth.

is it muh evil germany rejecting my coronabonds?

Italians unironically consider us their #1 enemy now

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dang Italy get your shit together


A lot of italians thinks Germany has too much power in the UE.

For once I'm proud of my countrymen

why are Germans so butthurt about this?

not butthurt just wondering

wondering about what?

What we ever did to italy.

What germany did with greece and troikas was fucked up. We felt threatened by it because it could happen to us

that poll was made in March 2020 and it reads "in terms of foreign policy, economy and diplomatic relations, which states do you consider friends/enemies of Italy"

in March we received aid from Russia and China while the EU (Germany and France) were busy blocking our requests for aid, plus nobody has truly liked Germany in a long time. You reap what you sow, I don't get how you can be so surprised.

du fickschnitzel

Nobody cares enough about my country to seethe at us
t. Iceland

What the fuck, get your shit together Italians

funny we think we don't have any power in the eu at all.

you have been n1 enemies from the barbaric invasions

>we wuzzing romanz

you are the living proof of how much everybody is oblivious to what happens in the UE everyday

>you have been n1 enemies from the barbaric invasions

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Norway is on the outskirts of Europe. Sweden is basically the only country we share border with. We share border with Russia and Finland also, but it's so far north where nobody lives anyway. We have a friendly relationship with Swedes, so I don't think any country hates us.

alte deine bitch fresse

>tfw you'll never be powerful enough for people do despise you
Why live?

We already gave you aid in march, italians are just eager to swallow up any foreign Propaganda while we didnt make a big deal out of our help.

That's nice, but I didn't say I was Norwegian

The whole of Europe has resentment towards the Germans, the truth is that you were better when Germany was two and not one. the Soviets never had to leave there.

behindert? wenn schon deutsch dann auch richtig.

nobody cares, the bad far outweighs the good, and I'm not talking about my opinion I'm trying to tell you why the situation is as it is.


The greeks brought it upon themselves.

Iceland is a province of Norway.

>say shit like thay

it's delusion

are shitalians actually this retarded? rhetorical question btw

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You gave us help? You slowed the whole process because of our debt. Also we were in full crisis. People dying everyday and more people dyed because of the slow burocracy. Also we got 25 milliards why you got 550 despite our corona crisis being worse.


>what happens in the UE everyday
Yes Germany bosses everyone around, doesn't mean that you should see your soul to an even bigger devil

yeah maybe but we don't go around asking others for money while simultaneously hating on them 24/7

Beggars can't be choosers

literally prove they have not acted as friends of italy during this crisis.

All those Italians sucking the Russo-Chink microdick make me ashamed of sharing the flag with them

>third biggest net contributor to the EU

this is precisely why the hate for the EU is growing.

why ask for shared debt if you contribute so much?

nobody asked Germany for money in this whole thing, that's just another instance of the eternal kraut victimhood complex.

Russia has always been friend of Italy historically even when comminist (and even under the tzars).
China relations have improved a lot in the recent years. We will build the silk road together

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Yeah at this point i hope Italy does sell Venice to china just to see all of northern europe burn down with us.

>hurr durr we actually asked for eurobonds where Germany would just be the main financer that doesn't mean we ask Germany for money
and you people call us autistic

How about you pussies back that claim up by not allowing the Danes to take over your land, steal your shit and overwriting your culture?
Why ain't Greenland and Faroe Islands currently under Norwegian rule then, instead of Danish?
Prove that you can actually keep colonies within your realm before making them claims.

nobody asked for this, we asked the EU to do that, you fucking snake.

except it's exactly what EU did to help Germany in the past. This show exactly the german problem

>while we didnt make a big deal out of our help.
what help desu?

damn, u cute :3