Tfw i was born in the most hated country on the earth

>tfw i was born in the most hated country on the earth

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I don't hate you guys.

I don’t hate you. Your women (female) are hot. Some of your posters are cringe though.

We don't hate Brazil.

Sorry that would be amerikkka

>tfw i was born in the most invisible country on the earth

The country with that title can only be the US.

stop self-hating, huebro

That's just Brazilian post-ironic humor.

I know nobody who hates Brazil
all we think about you is that you have hot women, cool carnival, good football and lately a retarded leader

Brazil is not even in the top 10

I like Brazil

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you are not indian so no

I love Brazil!!!

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The only problem with that is that you guys think that we only had a retard being a leader now, Lmao retardeds are the only type that runs this country

Why are visiting Brazil?

that's not israel

>hurr i h8 my country guiz plz gib me attention

who are you quoting?

I hate Brazil so goddamn much. Fuck you, cunts.

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It should be obvious that he is paraphrasing the original poster of this thread.

so you born in US?

I think *srael is far more hated.

Tbh I didn't even expect all these replies, I just wanted to say something stupid with an epic Pepe. Don't know why this thread got so many replies.
When I actually try to do a good post I get like 4 replies


China(due to virus

Those are most hated country.

not even close pal

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How do 250 million people do so little? I haven't heard about anything in Indo which Isn't purely speculative

Bolsonaro is literally infecting and burning the world while spreading greed, racism and biggotry, i'm sorry but not sorry, you deserve it.
you deserve it

>Muh racism
GTFO gypo

Why so many people hate russia?

>he doesn't know about all the wh*te middle aged australian milfs who go to indonesia purely to have sex with young men