Do you love Japan?

Do you love Japan?

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I did until they jewed my nigga Carlos Ghosn


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tbqh had it coming for turning Nissan into another bean counting crossover and boringmobile producer

He literally did a v-shaped turn in their profits.

big-titted asian girls are all men's cryptonite...

They make good video games

That's debatable.


better than american trash at least.

Yeah, he saved the company for the price of it becoming soulless. Most Japanese car manufacturers seem to have given up being interesting, though.

Japan is the only Asian country that isn't full of either stupid jungle people, or soulless insects.
Don't get me wrong, there's still a lot of soulless insects in Japan. But at least some soul exists, unlike countries like china and korea.

post code

*rapes captain sweden*



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It's the country I was born.


Stop thinking with your microdick, coomer.

japan deserved and still deserves to get nuked.

asking for a f-friend.

my fav

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They make good video games, but I feel bad for elevens. They live like rats in a maze, dying from overwork or killing themselves over shit like low grades and unemployment.

Turn 360 degree, and get shot,Duterte.

must be so soft and fun to have sex with.

Me on the right

Name plz

Boy do I

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Nanami Matsumoto

god I wish that were me

me on the left