What do you call this in your country and do you eat it?

what do you call this in your country and do you eat it?

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of course!

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>how do you call it?
pão de forma where I live
>blBlabla I'm fat


the end piece


Gals (end)
Yes, of course. Do you throw it away?

Dernière tranche de pain

african americans do

toast if it's industrial loaf bread
white/mixed bread if it's actually bread loaf

no, it's bad for healthy generally lol. only once in a while with a good burger but try to stay away from it otherwise

Its called the Heel


We call that piece "La tapa" at least in this cunt. Most people don't eat it, most of the time I don't eat it either, but if I'm really hungry I'll eat that thing

>Toast if its loaf bread
>Bread if its bread loaf

What did he mean by this

It's the knob end and generally no, you keep it on the end of the loaf to stop the middle bot going stale as quickly

>german philosophers

I do of course

I would if it was a bread like in OP's picture

if it's """bread""" like pic related it's called toast
if it's actual bread it's called bread

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Wtf how did that come to pass, what do you call toast in german then?? Seems a bit confusing to me

toast (from bread) is called toasted bread if you toast it inside the slot of a toaster and roasted bread if you toast it by other means
toast (from toast) is called toasted toast if you toast it inside the slot of a toaster and roasted toast if you toast it by other means

say sike

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And I thought german being complicated was a meme

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Is this German humour?

third world mentality

Autism language

i don't eat bread

Pane in cassetta.

But I'd rather eat the real deal.
Pic related is Italian bread.

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You still get the same thing with loaves of different shapes though don't you

Patka-heel and yes

We call it the "kenyérsarka" (Bread's heel)
If it's a proper, freshly baked loaf then I cut it off immediately and eat it with butter while it's still crunchy. If it's pre-sliced toast bread then I avoid it until no other slices are left for toasting.

It's called "end slices".

The taste and texture change depending on where you go. Some breads are brown, some white, some with salt, some are made of durum wheat, plenty of choices.