Post class photos from your cunt

post class photos from your cunt

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5th from the right of the 2nd row is cutie


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which one is you, op ?


an old pic of my classmates, unironically

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La prof était une tartelette.

that girl in the middle


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they all look very hungarian or balkan

>Jogging Umbro fantaisie
>Prof bonne
>Vampire noir

second one from bottom left is hot. Was she your crush user?

poo in the loo

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At least we don't have niggers/muslims

Your pics are cherrypicking btw

Tell me about her/him

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They are dressed like if it was the early 2000's.


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Sorry but this isn't england, nigger

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found her soulmate

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the blackening of France a sad sight to see

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absolute unit

I still contact her from time to time, she looks like this nowadays, so about the same

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Death by snu snu

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what was her type? Sociable and loved by everyone or gigastacy?

Good lord

holy fuck


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Imagine the smell

You have weird tastes Hans

Based Atilla

not the turk in the top left

>You have weird tastes Hans
the shock

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What's that thing?

Your class is more white than average in Germany

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They look absolutely insufferable. I hate southerners so much.

In Sweden we have high school parties and they take photos. Prepare for cringe, this was from my high school

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Surprisingly white in retrospect

It can be a terrible experience if youre a shy person

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Go fuck basic thots, npc

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And this is Berlin out of all places, lmao.
The higher you go up in education, the less likely you'll find turks/arabs and other assorted brown types

What is there to cringe about? These seem like pretty standard h.s party photos.

who's herr bf? a some drug trafficker?

The guys look like esport players

hot women want sex

Just wait

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You can feel the autism