speaks for itself

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more of a cheadle kind of guy myself

Imagine the smell

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can't imagine being in a serious relationship with a gal that wasn't down with anal
not that into it but almost all women have done it with partners before (probably even one night stands) so if you don't also lay claim to their bum you'll always be a low
value/low T simp in their minds

how old


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payday soon lads, what will you be doing with your toilbux?

I stand with Richard the III, fuck the Tudors!

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never got how in 28 days lateer the infected dfudes were gonna starve after a while but not die of dehydration?

putting it towards my house deposit


I only visit 4channel in private browsing mode.

Best language app by far is Busuu... but if you're trying to learn a language using an app alone you're in for a disappointment

haha enjoy being a slave to a jewish bank retard


Buying a washing machine

They ate other people. People are partly water.

wouldn't want to be a cokehead rn 2bh. guards are making massive busts almost daily since the lockdown. must not be a spec of it anywhere atp

lancashire men did the fighting in both world wars, yorkshire men were in the kitchens making the slop

haha enjoy smelling of roses like some little girl you puff

I think you underestimate just how fucking widespread it is. No shortage, believe me.

find it funny that americans think we're super salty about their independence and like it was a major scar in the british psyche and something we frequently think about.

in reality we don't even actually learn about it at all, it just gets a mention.
that's not in a butthurt way, because we obviously know that america came from british colonies, but ther revolution wasn't a major or recnet part of british history.

I'd say the independence of India gets more educational and media attention in the UK because that well and truly heralded the end of the empire.
whereas the american revolution was a bizarre hiccup that slightly dented UK's imperial ambitions

Anything that's relevant this century? Say, something that happened since the end of the Cold War?

Are they?

Just wanna be high, man

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I find it funny that people DO keep talking about "the war".

This brat is nothing compared to her grandma, needs principles. Poor Beastmaster. Cute fashion sense tho. Would recruit into Avalanche and make a noble thief outta her if her grandma approves

Late teens, Tifa is 20 the youngest of the main cast and Kyrie seems younger in maturity

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thinking about the war
you know the one

also india was independent in living memory
whereas american independence happened fucking ages ago, and was superseded immediately by more relevant things for the UK like napoleon

splay arse cheeks for jupiters erect cock

he called for a ‘new social contract that advances the twin causes of racial and economic equality’, calling it the ‘most fitting tribute we could pay to all the courageous people who have lost their lives on the frontline of this battle’.

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I wonder if it was a big issue in the 1800s before Britain really cemented itself in India and Africa. There must have been a period where it seemed like the Empire had gone forever, like it does now.

I want to fuck Jessie so bad mate

Popping down to screwfix, what will I need?

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Are naruto or one piece any good? Fuck ton of episodes in one piece

ah yes breitbart's headlines

*raises my copy of the FT to block you from my sight and ahems very loudly*

just wait for the virus to evolve itself into being useless again

Based. 100%.

didn't ask, didn't read

makes no difference if it was 1000 years ago mate lancashire men are still the men the country calls upon

not sure how suposedly 'smart' and 'bright' social climbers like khan can be so stupid.

paki mayor of the paki capital

yeah. its a sidestory obviously but the amounts are actually significant. idiot dealers keep getting caught at checkpoints

Newspaper, to fill the gap and polyfiller.
You a student or just a poverty bum.

Not that sort of virus lad. There's already tens of thousands of strains. You're right about the vaccines etc. Though, we just need to learn to live in a post covid world.

What a lot of drivel.

the war on gamers?
i ain't dead yet

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Meat shortages incoming
China is buying our largest pork producers
The West will become the 3rd world

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the east india company had spent the time prior making inroads into india and continued to do so thereafter - india was always te bigger prize.

as for the americas, we still held colonies in the caribbean which were very productive (especially when haiti kicked the economic bucket) and in canada (which is essentially the same america). in fact canada ended up just getting populated by yanks who were loyal to the crown.

It probably also gave a greater impetus to focus on captian cook's findings in the south seas, whereas had we held onto america, settling australia would have been slower i imagine.

sounds like a cope, but it was literally a bizarre hiccup where a bunch of anglo-blooded men decided to send bullets into their cousins from blighty over some small taxes

>Not that sort of virus lad.
>There's already tens of thousands of strains.
so it is that sort of virus then

Yes, it's Asia's century. Their turn.

>Coronavirus has essentially ended the era of mass migration to the West

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would honestly go full veggie before I'd put a single bug in my mouth

how are trannies/homos treated in china?

No. Not at all.

At least Jonny got his cash back*

I need to eat her home made pizzas

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Stop Doom saying. Everyone is estimating that this won’t last into 2021.

What will you tell your grandchildren about the days when people met up in crowds?

but user, we're in crisis, we NEED immigration to stimulate the economy and replace all those we have lost

bugs crawl into your mouth when youre sleeping mate
youve already swallowed loads

bare tranners in china lad

>poverty bum
This one

Been away from brit for 12 hours

What have I missed

There are officially no gays bc gommunism
Plenty of Lesbians though.


>say something retarded
>everyone calls you a retard
>”I was only pretending to be retarded”

we’re a doomed race

I won’t need to because they’ll be in crowds.

sure it is
strains will ever get better or they'll get worse

Time to start trading Btc-Move futures

china/japan does good trannies
t. shagged a load

anyone advocating for keeping western economies locked down is a chink shill or worse, a leftist


can't help that though can I? cows probably eat as much bugs and worms as they do grass but they're still vegetarian

Ah yes, there will be a cure or vaccine before next year. Grow up.

Some trump supporter told me he was raising awareness in vaccines

im okay with this

>Sorry, the border is closed.

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True. But it's already too late
Loads of our companies will be bailed out by Chinese firms
The globalists have won.

Kisame... we're leaving

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Do you really think they’d give people false hope of crowds existing again if they knew that they wouldn’t? People want crowds and they’re going to get them.


LOL. No. Asian economies will expand as will their population's dominance over the West, which will enter effective economic collapse.

so whens the elections in usa now

Implying I'll have sex

he's literally just ramping up the heel act atp. dunno why anyone even takes him seriously anymore

What has this got to do with migration and borders?

2024. Modi is planning to extend the lockdown till 2024

if there isnt a virus or a cure, i reckon humanity will just accept a highr mortality. We'll probably just be more anal about washing hands and keeping our distance and not coofing all over things. Offices will probably do rotas about who comes in. pubs and social things will probably bar at risk people, there might be more healthcare expenditure than before.

retirement ages might be brought forward because if you're likely to die aged 71 its a bit unfair to make you work till you're 68

I'm afraid you will be owned by the Asians. The border is irrelevant. Now be a good little round eye and get back to work.

remember growing up in the 90s and people would say china will be number one in like 30 years
weird that

but THINK of the economy
who will pick the fruits and vegetables?

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what if they get suspended indefinitely
imagine that

People become immune to viruses. The idea of reinfection in all cases is not proven.

because the world's been brought to breaking point out of nowhere and it's a bit scary having some retard like Trump as the supposed most powerful person in the world. I used to be all for him, thought when it actually comes to things he'd probably be alright but he's just such a dumb boomer it's not funny at this point

I hope americans vote for the other guy this time and we can all go back to normal

it's still an overblown bugger-all sandwich

The Chinese will move to the West
Your grandkids will be hapas

they'd been saying it for long before that. it was basically just a case of them getting their shit together, which they eventually did

quite envy the americans not falling for this horsehit meme hoax
brits are good little bootlickers who just swallow any old swill

rom squad

yeah but the virus will probably mutate and that.
to be honest

Are you actually a woman? I seldom say this but please fuck off to whichever subreddit you came from, cheers.

Viruses usually mutate into less lethal strains because they struggle to infect people.


The opposition is scared that would happen

stop defending dumb yanks and have sex

>the world's been brought to breaking point out of nowhere
no it fucking hasn't
this entire thing is extremely overblown

reckon in a thousand year or so we will all be the same kind of colour
over an even greater time period there wont be blacks or whites

but what if it mutates into 5G :-0

its beyond him though. nothing he says or does is going to change the situation and focusing so much on him s if he has some sort of leverage is utterly pointless