Thoughts on Russians?

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Some are based
Some are cringe

I've barely ever met any

we have tigers
lots of them

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They are so cringe that it's fucking based.

good posters, shitty jannies

interesting neighbours...

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slightly smarter snow spics

based neighbor

modern Australian art expressing Australian values to the world, truly remarkable.
Post more.

slightly smarter than who?

Good country, good people, good food and great art but is unfortunately ruled by Putin and corrupt oligarchs (pic-related on the right)

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They're ok I guess.

Please use the gender neutral spixs

northern arabs

Do you have any proofs of your statement?

my russian friend got into 3-4 fights during like 5 months and slept on hes urine.

I tought it would be different, than in the memes but it werent really.

big fan, huge russiaboo.

outside of st. spidorburg or what I like to call, saint churkaburg. This is how I imagine russians

You are european and you have lighter skin, you must be smarter. R-right?

I like their animations. They need to make some more.

Right)) So where are the PROOFS?

> my russian friend got into 3-4 fights during like 5 months and slept on hes urine
So pretty much no difference from an average Finn.

also one of my friend tried passing out in the snow (that will kill you) and the fighter dude also did a stun outside of a balcony.


meh, I only been beaten like 2 times in my life.

how much did you win?

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Russians are Europeans as much as Turks are.

We aint slavs nigga. We are князья и княжны!

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Still has more advanced technologies than both of you

I like them, especially the women

You are half slav and half mongolian/turk.

Please come and fuck them.


First one was at polytechnic ironically, I got mad at my bully (we were supposed to fight) and I throwed my 0,25kg mobile telephone at hes head, but it missed like less than 1cm, he could feel it in hes hair/buzz cut, I got like 2 punches in with my 60kg string body arms and he just grabbed me and bunched me couple of times and got me black eye.

other time I got beaten up by 2 junkies, because of a girl, I tried running away like 2 times but they got me and my entire body was covered in blood, also they made a scar on purpose.

also I were fighting my junkie 30 year old unemplyed 150cm facetattooed neibhour for my garage door key. We punched each other like couple of times and then I stopped 3 workers, and then he went away bc he were busy to get high I think. He were blackmailing me 50€ for the key. I got a nosebleed.

I think I will start boxing.

Hard cope

Я бyдy мoй дpyг

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Less churkas than in helsinki lmao

start a pushups for beginning

this is true.

What the fuck is going in finland?