Your country

>your country
>Have you ever invaded Poland?

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I don’t think so. Idk desu I feel like we’ve invaded everyone at this point but I don’t pay attention lol

>is that a REDDIT watermark??!

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We have never invaded Poland. We lived within a personal union with them during 14th century.

Slovakia and Ukraine have never invaded Poland. These states did not exist until 1990's.

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No, at least not unprovoked

>Moldova invaded Poland
What's wrong with you?

>What is WW2


Since when did Italy invade Poland?

liberate* thanks

Occupied states and peasant insurgencies do not count

No, we only visited once for an extended vacation. I rate polish hospitality

>calling backstabbing an invasion
you are so full of shit

No, but we liberated them.

Are all slavic subhumans fucking retarded

We liberated them, it was not an invasion

Czechoslovakia counts as both Czechy and Slovakia. Hungarian invasion took place in XVII century, some prince? if memory serves

HRE did

we also call poles human so dont get into too much details

We even liberated some Polish death camps in the process!

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i think it might count you on the behalf of wars with HRE in XI century, Was France part of it back then?


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hahaha ;) good one lol

The first independent Slovak state was not an occupied state.

We had many wars in the middle ages though.

Well it surely does look very occupied to me

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Principality of Moldavia did, as an Ottoman vassal. OP's map should've had Romania red as well/instead.

You guys were a Ottoman vassal when you invaded Poland-Lithuania

no never i swear!