>missionaries try to convert secular folk, also in public buildings such as train stations/central bus stations
>reproduce like bugs, 8-10 children a family(contraceptives are also forbidden) and conquer the country that way
>convince secular people to mutilate their boys
>demanders of gibs, creators of a 100 thousand religion related useless jobs which the productive public needs to fund via taxes
>ultrakike Litzman rules over the Corona crisis with religion laws and without any formal education, also protects an ultrakike pedo from extradiction to Australia
>Forces everyone to adhere to their religion laws to "not hurt their feelings" and IT'S A JEWISH COUNTRY OY VEY SO WHAT IF FOOD COSTS 30% MORE
>Don't work, don't enlist, tell women to go to the back of the bus or to switch to the other sidewalk
I'm not an arab and I hate them.

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Intelligent Jews know Israel was a mistake.


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suffer faggot, you agreed yoursleves around from Europe and came here, annexed a country and genocided its people and started a civil war in my country plus occupied it for 20 years, a holocoast is very tame for what should be down with you

this seems to be a common narrative but it's a lie
>The first deaths of the 1947–49 Palestine war occurred on 30 November 1947 during an ambush of two buses carrying Jews.[15] There had been tension and conflict between the Arabs and the Jews, and between each of them and the British forces since the 1917 Balfour Declaration and the 1920 creation of the British Mandate of Palestine. British policies dissatisfied both Arabs and Jews. Arab opposition developed into the 1936–1939 Arab revolt in Palestine, while the Jewish resistance developed into the Jewish insurgency in Palestine (1944–1947). In 1947, these on-going tensions erupted into civil war following the 29 November 1947 adoption of the United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine, which planned to divide Palestine into an Arab state, a Jewish state, and the Special International Regime encompassing the cities of Jerusalem and Bethlehem.
>On 15 May 1948, the civil war transformed into a conflict between Israel and the Arab states following the Israeli Declaration of Independence the previous day. Egypt, Transjordan, Syria, and expeditionary forces from Iraq entered Palestine.[16] The invading forces took control of the Arab areas and immediately attacked Israeli forces and several Jewish settlements.[17][18][19] The 10 months of fighting took place mostly on the territory of the British Mandate and in the Sinai Peninsula and southern Lebanon, interrupted by several truce periods.[20]

I genuinly believe that if israel, just like iran, didn't had those hyper-religious group, it would have lead to a normal democracy. It could also prevent multiple conspiracy theory and deaths. Should have went full blown kemalistic and ban anything religious for half a century.

You reap what you sow, cousin.

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>haha he dance nice now I like them

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>it's a lie
What's a lie? Where did those Jews come from?
and tell me what the ""Jewish resistance"" is, enlighten me.

despite autismo ultratnationalists and religious poeple Israel is much more democratic than Iran
and it's not exactly surprising that many Jews were adamant on keeping their religion after the Holocaust
this but unironically
who likes raves is my friend
msot of them came from Europe. Doesn't mean they started the armed conflict and doesn't mean they genocided anyone either.

So if an Arab conference is held where its declared that a muslim caliphite will be created in Germany, then suddenly Muslims start pouring in by tens of millions.. Native Germans wouldn't feel threatened at all?

When are you going to get it through your thick skull that the only thing that matters on this Earth is might? Sick of you retards trying to appeal to people using ethics, it's cringe.

>missionaries try to convert secular folk
Thought jews didn't convert. Is it only ethnic jews they try to convert?

1) Jews have a historic claim over Israel, Muslims/Arabs don't with Germany
2) there was no Jewish state before the creation of Israel, there were and are plenty Arab and Muslim states
3) Muslim Arabs can and do live safely in Israel, the same isn't the case for Jews in Muslim Arab countries
4) Israel isn't a theocray, it does specially protect Jews but it's not a religious state like Iran or Saudi Arabia
5) Jews were adamant on creating their own state after the worst genocide in history, the same didn't happen to Muslim Arabs no matter how many lies you tell
6) there weren't many Muslim Arabs in the area anyway and considering third generation or later descendants of Muslim refugees from the area as refugees instead of integrating them into the very similar societies of Egypt and Syria was just a political maneuver of the Arabs to instrumentalize those people against Israel

there's no convincing a jew

>doesn't mean they started the arm conflict
I asked you to tell me what the Jewish resistance is, they used to force people to sell their homes and then kick them out (just like they are doing now).
But I don't care, Germans genocided Jews, if they want to make a country they should make it in Germany, what did I do to deserve growing up in a civil war just because your shit ancestors didn't like Jews and started putting them in ovens?having might without ethics is not good, we are not genocidal Maniacs like Jews or whites

You forgot they're massively over represented in sexual assault, rape and pedophilia related charges

The only thing that will get through your skukk is my dick fucking your headless corpse you stupid sack of shit.
Blah blah blah, there were already hounderds of thousands of people before any immigration even started. Even if the population didn't decrease by a single soul for one entire century, people who cane before these immigration would still make up half of the population.

>Jews have a historic claim over Israel
>'we wuz' gives you right to take others land

are you the retard that always complains here about being a loser virgin NEET? keep kvetching

Spoken like true soyabean activists, keep raging at Israel while they rape your sisters/mothers and send you the videos, cucks.

they only attempt for people that look like secular jews, yes.
>It's not a religious state
It is but not as extremely as the ones you mentioned. we have a ton of religious laws and regulations, but gays aren't stoned. but they will be since the ultrakikes and other religious jews repopulate much more than secular people.
It's not others, the land was divided and palestinians didn't agree to it. I do hope the occupation will end.
Are you the ultrakike that sucks baby dicks and justifies killing of innocent people? keep dilating.

The only soybean here is op, he's whining about Judaism when his whole country was built on the Jewish state card.
You reap what you sow. Now eat shit already.

Ultrakikes not even once

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Based tree

>Israel is much more democratic than Iran
totally agree on that, but I don't see it has a competition. I don't see one better than the other. Both have weird ass religious group causing the death of normal civilian. Most instabillity in coutries near them is caused by these group. I also blame hyper autismo christian american since they have a campain for migration to israel to "beat those evil arab persucting their land".

nice, almost as bad as Protestants.

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They sound almost as bad as evangelicals

I'll take that as a "yes", also i'm an atheist. And how i'm the one dilating when you're the one who starts daily threads about wanting to kill yourself?

Jews can't enter into my country, we've already dealt with them, but tell me how this doesn't sound like soybean activist

Some of the perks of being born in some shitty country made up a few decades ago just bc of some religious groups.


Also why do you ugly literal FAGGOT shitskin always have to cry about muh israel in almost every thread? Your country is shit because it's filled with arabs, simple as

>ugly shitskin faggot
Yes, that's the Middle East, if you don't like it you can get out
>cry about Israel in every thread
I haven't posted about Israel in a long time, maybe all the baby blood you sucked is making you imagine things

>almost as bad as Protestants.
>They sound almost as bad as evangelicals

Why does protestantism suck so badly? Every single protestant country is basically Atheist at this point. The only growing Protestant sects are simply just cults.

christianity sucks as a whole. Without we'd be exploring the galaxy now.

imagine being a faggot in the middle east lmao, you can't even tell your parents, given of course they are still aive and we haven't dronestriked them yet
how many times have you asked anons to post their tummy? FAGGOT

>christianity sucks as a whole. Without we'd be exploring the galaxy now.

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