Imagine no FK


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Go to bed


have tummy ache

but im here

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Congratulations you're pregnant

Could I get a gf/bf in your cunt? I'm unfuckable

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but you hate humans why do you want a human bf/gf?

I want a robot one, do you have AIs in your country?
I have a huge crush on shodan

Probably not.

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Me? I'm an incel, born from a c section I've never touched a pussy, girls reject me and laugh at me, I hate women, females, femoids, sows, whores.
I dye my hair blue to look like the protagonist from Persona 3, I like dancing I dance when I'm stressed, overhelmed, my autism makes me dance a lot.
I dance like the joker, walk like the joker, dance like tron, dance like jay kay.
A girl texted me, I knew better than to get excited for that even though my friends were like "she likes you", guess what? the femoid asked me about another guy, if i knew him, talked to him, fuck off whore, I don't reply to your stickers.
friends? more like "friends" people don't text me, think I'm a weeb and had to listen to them ramble about anti kino anime, I hate anime that's not kino. I don't have irl friends, the online spaniard girl who may have had a crush on me doesn't count, I hate femoids. I used to play minecraft with my friends after school but they just were my "friends" since they thought I was someone's elses best friend, they abandoned me and formed their little groups. Girls don't like me, not the hot ones, fuck latinas btw, not the fat ones. only guys hae showed interest in me, a jewish guy who was qt too.
I'm like mad max, tron, makoto yuuki from persona 3, wikus van der merwe.

cool story bro

not a word i shant peruse


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As a young lad I walked into my babysitter fucking one of my relatives, that was awkard, I find sex disgusting, I just want a cool robot body that lets me be as inhuman as possible.


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your obsessionposting of fk is worse than fk

Niqqa got the covid

Niqqa gonna die

why not?

>your obsessionposting of fk is worse than fk

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fuck off whore lover


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i cringe when i see pics of women smiling

shame her face is so basic
2/10 would still fuck very hard from behind

Dunno but she gets me rock hard Whatever kind of mutt she is

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fugging gross i can see the toilet
women are so subhuman

weed oil heating up

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Is there more to seductioooon?
Is it wrong? Is it vaiiin?
Is it love or easy actiooon?
Is it all just the saaaaaameeeee?

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She could spray fart in my mouth ngl

o fuck off fk on a proxy

why did the canadian femanonpost on lat?
it hurts you doesnt it? fuck you femoid

canadian roastie, us based incels hate you

>This video contains content from BuzzFeed, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.

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i'm not a girl, i just cringe at your gigatism. going to have a girl over next weekend for sexytimes, seethe more you crazy fuck :)