Why did this happen?

why did this happen?

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Why do scandis do this? This is not like sudacas being obsessed with Spain. It's different. What's the relationship here?

seething paddy

why are you obsessed with Ireland?

British occupation?

yes, but it was a British client state long before then so that's not entirely it


The same reason you speak english

Ireland has been free for 100 years now.
what is the excuse?

Connacht seems to have been largely Gaelic in 1900. What happened?

The economic system kept people perpetually poor because rich landowners in britain owned all kept the peasantry living at a subsistence level. People with english could emigrate to british colonies better so parents taught their kids that instead
Also the Catholic church encouraged other languages, the languages they taught in schools were English, then Latin, then Ancient Greek, then Irish.

This. There’s no other word for it.


Because it was efficient? Irish is compulsory within school, every irish citizen has a working knowledge of the language. In that respect it far outstrips either scots or welsh native tongues, there's just no value in being a plastic patriot.

The Irish Famine destroyed your language as well?

English is a far superior language, clearly.

English is the worst language in Europe.
No other language is so poor at doing anything.,

There was a concentrated effort by the British authorities to marginalise and outlaw Irish.

there's a place we put troublesome paddies like you.

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I am not Irish so you can let me free.

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Unhistorical LARPing: the movie

I agree, it is unhistorical.
It was worse than the film showed.

The handling of the famine by the UK was part of the genocide, they claimed it was gods will the irish die. Even the Ottomans tried to do more than the UK.

>be part of the UK
>be left to starve because irish

Get ur glasses mate

Yeah, although I think it was more capitalism.
>The free market will save Ireland.
So no one helped because they expected it just to sort itself out.

>It was worse than the film showed.

That film is filled with lowland Scots dressed up in Highland tartans and Pictish painted faces. Don't you have any culture of your own?

>genociding yourself after independence

Saxon bvlls.

In the past very gradually due to oppression, assimilationist policies, and settlement by Brits. Nowadays it keeps happening because Irish is an ugly and useless language desu. The gaelicist policies of the Irish government over the years have also been both half-hearted and very cringe, so that can't help.

t. Extended family all are from Galway.

just a bitta craic

the Irish seem to not give a shit about their national language not really the British's fault when the Irish openly embrace English

Anglo cultural genocide, they tried the same in Québec but failed miserably

>they tried the same in Québec
Quebec should have been given the Ireland treatment

Although a large part of it was due to a stupid idea of laissez faire capitalism (they didnt want to give aid as they were afraid it would create a 'class of dependents').
But for example in 1848 the London Telegraph wrote an article where it claimed that aid sent to ireland was taken out of an englishmans pocket (by 1848 nearly all aid had been stopped anyway) shows how it was largely also rooted in nationalistic rhetoric. The rich landowners who talked about the free market would not have done so if it were happening in England instead of a foreign land.

You wish Nigel

Because that is true.