Some of you guys are all so hateful. Are you guys all serious?

Some of you guys are all so hateful. Are you guys all serious?

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Yes Im cereal

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I guess spending less time outside due to the shut down and more time in this echo chamber droves some over the edge.

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I'm not hateful, that's why I get called soyboy all the time
guess it's on me for being serious on a site like this

Of course they're just ironic. Why would anyone dislike immigrants?

Of course, immigrants are objectibely an economic burden for this country. But it's okay, because people born outside Sweden make up 80% of rapists and 75% of the "assault rapes" are done by immigrants from outside Europe. And they've also brought us mafia gangs, robbings and violent islamic terrorism. Things we really needed here.

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I understand your point of veiw but I feel more people are becoming radical.

does the pope shit in the woods?

Really, Why would anyone hate migrants?

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>but I feel more people are becoming radical.
Huh, how odd. Right now only maybe 12% of the population is a muslim immigrant. In a few decades their numbers will probably be three times as large.

So we'll get even more of this cultural enrichment, which is great. Remember, once they're here they won't go back haha. I really wonder what about this makes people desperate to reduce immigration. I like all these immigrants who ndver get a job, become criminals and even terrorists. Especially those that don't even learn the language, really makes life here a bit more exciting and exotic.

I'm trying to not make you angry. I understand the seriosness

That's Yas Forums for you.
It would be nicer if all the crazies where banned, but then it wouldn't be Yas Forums anymore.

Not really. I get very aggressive on here and say shit I don’t actually believe and would never say IRL.

Yas Forums is 80% Provocative trolls 20% mental disorder autistic kids taking everything seriously.

You forgot the 1% normal peeps like me who are here because no friends and no normie social media.

Yeah but you fall in the autism side with that.

I am certified non-autistic though.

maybe the irl you is just a front
while the hateful online persona is the real you

So a guy walks into the bar, and shits himself.

Do Amerisharts really do this?

seems like it

is your leaking boicunt serious?

How could whites *not* cheer on their own dispossession?

only during advent

he doesn't mean literally autistic you fucking autist

>we're full fuck off
really? most of hateful posts are from Ausfailia.

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I hate nobody, but niggers and sandniggers are not humans, and europe should be purged from them.


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