Stupid drunk inbred subhumans snow niggers

Stupid drunk inbred subhumans snow niggers

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are you that homo faggot i told to fuck off not that long ago?


stop bullying my friends

shut up eurofat

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commie spic

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gay olmec

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commie olmec homotranny novi*p mutt scum

By instinct, the Russian does not incline towards a higher form of society.Certain peoples can live in such a way that with them a collection of family units does not make a whole; and although Russia has set up a social system which, judged by Western standards, qualifies for the designation " State ", it is not, in fact, a system which is either congenial or natural to her.

In the eyes of the Russian, the principal support of civilisation is vodka. His ideal consists in never doing anything but the indispensable. Our conception of work (work, and then more of it!) is one that he submits to as if it were a real curse. It is doubtful whether anything at all can be done in Russia without the help of the Orthodox priest. It's the priest who has been able to reconcile the Russian to the fatal necessity of work by promising him more happiness in another world. The Russian will never make up his mind to work except under compulsion from outside, for he is incapable of organising himself. And if, despite everything, he is apt to have organisation thrust upon him, that is thanks to the drop of Aryan blood in his veins.

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Russia is too large to be inbred.

russian janny must be a very busy man

It's italian flag, my finnish fren


>Russia is too large to be inbred.
Subhumans know no limits

>Can I have a slice?

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They are not inbred they are mutt (noviop) bred

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This thread insults my feelings. I'm gonna report it.

What if we sucked stalins dick

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>They are not inbred they are mutt (noviop) bred

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Russians are mostly cute and lovely, unlike fat dumb Ameritards.

Chill, dude. We already now that, stop makes this threads.


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I like the minority groups in Russia, like Tatars, Bashkirs, Yakuts etc. But I hate ethnic Russians because they stole their lands and are racist towards them.

>and are racist towards them.
are you sure about this?

I quite like Russians for what it's worth. They make some good video games.

>this flag calling out someone for being racist towards minorities

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There is no good games in russia liar.


Russians are surprisingly nice and friendly people

Pathologic 2

Wait... what?

it is revenge for the Tatar-Mongol yoke that terrorized the Russians and took tribute from them. But you can't understand that, cuz don't know our history.
So funny hear about russian racism from post-nazi country

Putin if you are reading this thread, nuke shitaly into oblivion. Start with the decadent hellhole that is Rome.

>modern day racism is justified because of something that happened in the 14th century

So, where is this mythical JANNY that is supposed to be deleting every single thread that is being even remotely critical of Russia?

You ask for tolerance, but you are not tolerant yourself, frocio.

Probably asleep. I've noticed that he is not active during this time of day but in the later hours