Baltic union - General

-Time has come for iron wolf of Baltics to rise
-No more pesky brother wars
-No more being cucks to Europe, Usa or Russia
-We can become Sweden economically , Switzerland militarily ,and geopolitically have respect and influence as much as Israel .

Its time to rise brothers and reclaim glory

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Share flag designs here

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there's already such a thing except it's not retarded

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With Lithuanian Fintech, Biomedicine and Optical laser sectors, Estonian IT scene and Latvian food production, we would be best country in the world

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>Baltic assembly
Even nb8 has more power and influence here, are we nordic now?

>are we nordic now?
Wow this idea died quickly

Coat of arms

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>Wow this idea died quickly
We're not Nordic as much as we like to larp as ones
Trying to pretend to be what you're not is despicable

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Shouldn't the blue and green be swapped?

No flag is final yet

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Everyone is scared of Baltic power


Why did we occupy a part of Belarus?

Wouldn't this borders result in natively Russian-speaking plurality?

What will the capital be ?

I vote for Visaginas

Riga ofc

Riga sucks

nah, Lithuanians still make the plurality
And considering all baltic ethnicities would have common goals, by influence Russians would be small minority

bitch u taking part of Belarus and Kali
it's like writing suicide note where u asking to be part of Russia again
do whatever u want without touching Belarus bros and Kali

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All I can see is the 'we are victims of Communism!!' meme, sorry.

Baltic belongs to mother Russia

are you saying Kalingrad would be independent?

>occupied belarus

Pretty good idea tbqh. This should be a thing again.

These territories are historical balt lands

South Africa belongs to Somalia

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Historical Balt lands go much deeper than that. Why bother taking some small chunk of Belarus instead of just going all in then? This is a hypothetical map after all. Hell, Belarus could just join on their own. They're practically Balts speaking a Slavic language.

Stop stealing African flag designs to make up for your lack of culture.

Our flag is older than any African one, my black illiterate friend :)


>influence as much as Israel .

You want to start and manipulate wars across the globe? Why would you want to do such a horrible thing?

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teh lulz

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HiStoRicalLy u were part of russia too
what it i want Russian Empire back?

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