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what part of British culture are we discussing?


sissy brit boys

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Can we all just face up to the fact that the korma is the best curry?

No no I mean is an internet connection necessary to play/enjoy the game.



Trying tea with lemon. It's dire

if it was spicier it'd be great

british music be like
>the smiths
that's it, that's all you fucks talk about

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leftypol is finished

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Fuck spice why ruin a dish with that?

am absolutely fuming at cod right now ive almost punched the tv NOT having it im about to take it out on the punching bag (my bf)

haha all my friends have ghosted me again haha

>"Great" Britain
End of. Simple as.

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no one fucking cares faggot

Yeah so what

most cliche british post ive read in a while

the best men die of a broken heart for things they cannot tell

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Gorbachev made an ad for Pizza Hut in the '90s lol.

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Not wrong though am I

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go back to bed and wake up on the right side mmkay?

Unironically don't get it, what are we supposed to think the bag is before?

Can't get out of bed de lads
Legs are in agony

Don't quite understand this quote


Kimetsu no Yaiba

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Did Thor lift the 501?

punished emmett
a man denied a bf

imagine there is no countries

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homosexuality is a genetic defect of the brain, its passed on by weak families but nature self corrects its mistake

did he really kill all those people?

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Not yet.

Explain it

stonetoss sucks
hehesilly much better shit

yeah you are

sorry that anything except for wet bread is a bit too much for your palate to handle mate

gonna go to sleep now

he say you brade runna

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this is true

A korma is flavourful enough, no need to add a load of heat


hes gonna go for the 520 i reckon

Good shit, excited to see it done.

Women should be banned

can see him in a great hall clad in wolf pelt

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Remember the Flying Spaghetti Monster. God what a cringefest the internet was.

adding more chili to a korma would complete the package though

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your mum's bumhole is flavourful

One of our MPs just said "based" on twitter


If anything it would ruin the already delicious package

Strange fella aren't you


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Based? Based on what?

me on the left

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Based on what?

your mums nipples are flavourful

Arrest all women

Really not appropriate mate I'd like you to apologise

When is Thor meant to be attempting the deadlift?

Was gonna buy some vodka but saving up for a new mattress :(

the only news source i trust is Yas Forums

European traditions:
silly costumes
bad food
Did I miss anything?

being better than brown people

Need a mask to get into McDonald's wtf is going on lmao

are the cops supposed to be going around asking everyone if they're within 2km of their gaffs?

was it winny or the chick who started the "ok boomer" meme?

american evangelicals*

haha look at him go

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reddit used to be an interesting place

I'm tired of my sexual fetish (femdom) being turned into an industry and I shan't put up with it anymore

thinking about all the black people i've no doubt offended over the years with my oftentimes gratuitous and vitriolic use of the N word and i guess in a way i'm sorry but at the same time they should've known better than to be born black

anglosphere ranking
USA > Australia > power gap > Canada > UK > power gap > NZ

ill write sorry with my jizz on your mums back

For me? It's watching the Worcestershire vs Sussex T20 final from 2018 whilst masturbating

I hope the recent brain fog and vision disturbances don't go on too long.

everyone loves nz tho

america ( 999 light years of open space ) anglo

I dont get it. Reddit is garbage the site layout is atrocious why do i need to see 50 blinking ads and for them to hide 50 percent of the comments because they were le rude. Why can they seriously not fucking embed images and have to use imgur links?

not the people who live here

they don't really matter as they live in nz

only because they don't know anything about NZ
it's like thinking an owl would make a great pet until you get one and it destroys all your stuff and shits everywhere

israelisphere rankings
1# usa
2# israel

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>it's like thinking an owl would make a great pet until you get one and it destroys all your stuff and shits everywhere
Actually said the same thing about a girlfriend.

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the latter

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