EU-bros... how could we let this happen?

EU-bros... how could we let this happen?

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By giving money and help to the Hungarian opposition.

Which 10 million?

>Czech Republic
hmmm which one

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Are there really that many trannies in Hungary?

good job making 'human rights' an ever more meaningless blatant political tool you fucking cretin

>why yes, i am opressed, how could you tell?

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>human rights watch

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Last I checked the population of France was about 70 million.

last time I checked Fuhr Merkel has been in power longer than Orban

>yuros under authoritarian rule

Ahh yes a return to form

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what laws have actually changed in Hungary?

>incels: BASED Orban btfoing faggot democracy and """EU"""
>also incels: you can't say he's totalitarian how dare you what about France and Merkel????

>EU Citizens

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Merkel is not a dictator like Macron. She has legitimate popular support.

Macron came from nowhere, bankrolled by bankers, got elected as the least bad alternative, and every single policy of his is unpopular with the French people, so much so that they have been protesting for years.
And the protests are censored by the media.
All the hallmarks of a dictatorship.

Some things about useless degrees and trannies

You remember when Orbán didn't like the results of an election and he made people to vote again? Oh wait that was Merkel.

His actions and thoughts are too complex for you, simp.

The state of emergency was expanded to an infinite amount of time. Although the state of emergency has very specific rules. Also you can now go to prison if you break the quarantine or spread fake news.

Our government accepted some tracking and surveillance laws that I'm 99% sure will not go away after the quarantine.

It begins.

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The GOD DAMN Portuguese, I KNEW IT
Can't let those fuckers out of our sight for one minute, huh

There is none.
>or spread fake news

he means the red carded home quarantine but sentenced to jail for it means said individual broke it numerous times


not eu

stop talking you stupid mutt


How many time will you post this ?
Are there only skyzo left in this board ?

>How many time will you post this ?

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im sorry finn bro you guys were right all along

>every single policy of his is unpopular with the French people
that's a meaningless metric. we could be ruled by the best guy ever, who'd lower unemployment to 2%, triple our wages and make our waifus real, and we'd still be protesting the fucker every month.

The last president spent half his term with an approval rate oscillating between 5 and 10% and left with 3

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not sure if burger is stupid for thinking Belarus is a part of the EU, or smart because he knows Belarus is a country

>Merkel is not a dictator
Average German brainwashed by the state media.