How can this region be fixed?

How can this region be fixed?

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By handing it over to Rvssia

Just read the wealth of nations lol like nigga it’s so e-zeee

Under Czech leadership

Remove Slavs.

Independence for Transylvania

communism with twice as many executions and we nuke germany and usa this time

This. I feel like you're already a 1.5 world country

Remove shit stirrers like Hungry, who can’t just shut the fuck up and enjoy the gommunism

Morel like remove Hungary. Hungary is the biggest shithole out of V4 and it's the only non-slavic country.

Lots of nukes

lithuanian royal dynasty

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Move Bulgaria to the middle east

>Slavs spend the past 100 years with stealing and plundering our wealth
>Why are you so poor?
Remember Slav we are poor because we couldn't stop the Slavic onslaught. You are poor because you won.


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Nigga please, average Slovenian is 3 times wealthier than average Hungarian. Everytime I cross your border it feels like I'm being teleported back to the 90' again.

You are a vermin. A thief. Nothing more. You will always remain a shithole, because it's in your blood. It makes you welter in mud like pigs do.

Sloni, please

Holy cringe.

Remove the gypsies or something

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Damn. Higher than us, Swedes, Germans, Netherlands. High house ownership or properties/investments?

>Hungary is below BULLgaria

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>Russia calling others shit stirrers

The only reason for this is that you are free own your own Slavic masters and Germans control your economy. Same with Czechia or Poland.

that's the reason this part is shit to begin with. Just drop the nukes

Just to be fair. You are a privileged butch of cunts who never had to endure communism (the hard one) and were never part of any stalinization. You are only rich due to tourism and the 60's economic boom.

Don't be so high and mighty.

>nooooo it’s tha slavs fault we’re shit


Makes my dick hard thinking about the possibility

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2nd post

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Maybe it had something to do with our actions? I don't know.

>High house ownership or properties/investments?
Basically, yes. Average boomer here owns at least a house or big apartment and at least one car. Many also own other real estates, like holiday homes which are very popular here. Younger people are not so fortunate though, we can barely afford rents.

Also stop with the fuckin meme statistic shit. Wealth is related to the value of realastate this is why you see anomalies like Saudi Arabia below us.
You are not living any fucking better.

You had the luxury of never being forced by USSR in to the Warsow pact. Poland, Romania, Hungary Bulgaria were slave states to the USSR. Yugoslavia was free to do what it wanted.

szeretlek, anyad picsaya
Szeretem, faszt meleg vagy? Aleeee
Erdely egy Maygarorszag btw i fucking love hungary but Kerlek vedd be a gyogyszered, skizofren korcs

Unlike Romania and Hungary, Yugoslavia was systematically destroyed in World War I and II, suffered massive human losses, but still managed to reach the spot of the 24th economy in the world, and that's during it's worst time, when the GDP per capita dropped from 7000 US dollars to 5000.

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Abi Talent numele rege pe romania? Ian bag un blunt mam prajit ma sparta. Te iubesc Romania maia hee maia huu, mi-i blugi 5 lei? Parere?

Nationalist government for every country and establish a trade union.

hey, I've got that

Unironically this

>75. Libya
>78. Iraq
>79. Turkmenistan
>107. Russia
wait wut

takoe brat moj bosanski ko ih jebe lol bili smo najjači, samo nas sjebali ameri pičke, bombardovali nas da spase muslimanske čmarove.

witaj, dzien dobry, nazywam sie grzegorz brzęczyszczykiewicz. Do you remember Psczolka Maja bro? Kocham cie polski brat, twoja stara zapierdala

twoja stara sra do gara a twój stary to wpierdala

AHJGHAHAHAHAHH the worst part is i understood that, ah kurwa mać add me on dc Johnnye#0488

haha, pewnie, najbardziej pamiętam piosenkę tytułową:
też cię kocham serbski bracie, pozdro

We had our entire natural resources plundered by the USSR. We were in the top 5 oil exporting countries in the world and we had to give it away for free via SovRom companies. We had our entiere nation elites exterminated. the USSR actively forced us to destroy industry and become a agrarian country.

On what fucking planet do you live?! In the 90's we had a lower GDP then Albania.
To bad nationalism destroyed Yugoslavia...

based Serbian polyglot

is that diskord? i don't have it

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>How can this region be fixed?
by moving it away from the periphery region where it keeps getting attacked by foreign invaders

>Unlike Romania and Hungary, Yugoslavia was systematically destroyed in World War I and II, suffered massive human losses

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what do you have uwu? kik? telegram?
bruh I'm literally a based polyglot i love u too mountain croatia Janek bro

Yes it was so destroyed that Serbs tripled their land are and the population whom they rule over. Meanwhile Romania and Hungary remained untouched during those wars. But Yeah Yugoslavia was the peak of human development, so rich that in needed one Croatian Historian to destroy it.

>Hungarian bridge going down is equal a loss as the nigh-total destruction of Yugoslavia's material property and human losses in the millions

Kill yourself, Geza.