Can you name a more SICKENING nation?

Can you name a more SICKENING nation?

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Port of Rotterdam if it was a nation


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enjoy your beaches without us this year haha


Germany rules over you and Europe. You're just jealous

Are Spanish feminists always this cute?

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They're closet nazis. I have nothing against Hitler or national socialism but at least I say it loud. Germans pretend to be Libtards and won't admit they miss the good ol days.
Inb4 "it's illegal!!!"
Praising Mussolini and fascism is illegal here in Italy yet there are a lot of openly fascists everywhere and people are not afraid of being judged, even on national TV.
Germans are mostly cucks who are too afraid of other people's opinions.

it's not illegal to say you're fascist here, it's illegal to try and reconstitute the PNF; why do 14 years old Yas Forumscels never know the difference?

Average Spanish girl? Weeew

no Germans are really just not as retarded as Italians

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They’re passive aggressive stemming from their culture of being devious and deceptive. Shame.

Boy I wonder where that culture comes from...

Yeah, so many wonders of the modern world. We'll never know...

Germany attempts to exterminate one group of people once throughout their 200 years of history while England exterminates and two continents and all the people in their bordering countries.

What's wrong with that poll? Are you still butthurt because of being defeated by the Soviets 75 years ago? Lol


Too bad you weren't successful in India

I am not england.
Indians did nothing wrong.
The only reason america isn't worse is that they never had the chance to do world wide extermination.

it shows that Italians can't properly assess foreign relations of their country
would explain why populists are so strong in Italy while in Germany they're (rightfully) ostracized

Good point

nobody likes germs, deal with it

yeah I know, and that's fine, but don't expect to have a good country if you vote your politicians based on how assblasted you are about Germany or France or whoever

Texas does
t. Texas

>italy is a le bad cuntry
fuck off retard Yas Forumsack

I lived and worked in Germany for some time and there's anti Russian propaganda everywhere on TV and newspapers, while here in Italy it's 50/50 pro Russian and anti Russian. You're just butthurt, admit it already!

I'd like to pose a question: what's the first idea that comes into mind when you see the word Germany