Your country

>your country
>do you have the lockdown blues

yes i have the lockdown blues and i dont know how much more i can take

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Why don't you try to start learning a new skill/language with the free time you have now?

its fun I hope everyone dies :^)

bcuz i have the lockdown blues

the only thing that gives me peace of mind is going cycling and/running which i do a LOT, i have a nice tan now

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why :(

I got a shitty minimum wage job to distract myself from it. But when I get home it starts all over again

Me too, I hope it kills at least one million Indians

so sorry to hear you have the lockdown blues as well, my lockdown blues brother :(

what is this blues you talking about?

its the lockdown blues

why stop at 1M?
shithole india needs a massive population culling if it wishes to be a superpower :^)

I heard that cities around the world are considering opening up businesses again, hopefully they do. I miss eating out

Then did you realise that Sweden was right?

Look at this rat.

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dumb first world problem

lol no my life has not changed at all

is that a sub genre of the blues music?

in bavaria smaller shops get to open up from monday but not restaurants/bars/cinemas
hahaha cute picture thx

>>do you have the lockdown blues
why the fuck would I? I'm LOVING this lockdown!

calm down,hitler
you don't have to be this mean :(

why tho

its really getting to me, i dont know how neets endure living like this for months on end

neets, what is your secret

It feel weird. I have many friends that some of their family member got it. Some died. Currently I had only ahve 4-5 friends who got and only one who reached ICU (19 years old). 1/4 of canada's cases are in my city. I also live a nurseand know every single number that came out. It's not daijobu at all.

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im a lefty tho, calling me hitler is mean and uncalled for

>why tho
because I'm reclusive and have no friends irl so I'm very used to being alone

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I'm to stupid to write properly at 4h am

i will be your friend user

you said i have no soul,you never think about what it's like to be the other person on other end of the screen

Lucky you. My province (BC) is considering opening up the businesses since there weren't major outbreaks, but it's still not certain. God I want a haircut so bad

Yes, I've been considering suicide alot. But i feel a little better today because i hang out with a friend and her partner today because im lonely.

if you dont have the lockdown blues i cannot perceive you as a person because i cannot relate to you, its literally like talking to an inanimate object. clearly the fault lies with YOU while i get to wash my hands in innocence. in fact, this is my defining characteristic: pure innocence

I doubt you'd be much smarter at other times of the day anyway

plz dont do it little ausbro, the lockdown blues is real but it will pass

>God I want a haircut so bad
Get your mother to cut it.

Yeah, directly in montréal.
>God I want a haircut so bad
shave what you need with a razor during shower gradually. In worst case you look like a soundcloud rapper

Honestly I agree. I never bothered to learn english properly and never will. I'm worst at speaking.

My aspergers won't pass & the feel of being a complete life failure.

i will be your non-autistic friend

I don't have a clipper at home. Guess I can cut it short and get it fixed up later. I just miss talking to my barber, she is a nice lady

Thanks friend.