Why are white males so suicidal and weak despite playing life on easy mode and having everything handed to them from...

Why are white males so suicidal and weak despite playing life on easy mode and having everything handed to them from the get go?

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> Easy mode

White men are expected to be born into a network of rich and connected people, and if they happen to not be that, they will be treated worse than any ghetto nigger ever would in a hiring process. So get fucked.

because muh white replacement and muh third wave feminism

Why is this macaco so obsessed with white men?


They paid the price for being filthy Casuals.

>Why is this macaco so obsessed with white men?

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Just because you grew up in a rough area doesn’t mean those of us who did not just went on through life without any problems. You think I never hit any rough patches in my life?

what sort of delusion is this

you just said it yourself, easy mode and everything handed to you. aparently that makes depression hits you 1000 times harder.
>why am i miserable when i got all i need and everyone around me is so happy?
>everyone is miserable and suffers

Maybe in South Korea you are deluded about white people, but my post is true in all of the west.

Man white males have it difficult Norway

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Affirmative action is alive and well here too.

The fragile mind of the white male on display
Did you know there are people who are literally born in garbage dumps and still work the rest of their lives in whatever they can find but they don’t go and kill themselves?

Pretty much this. If you’re white and don’t know anybody or have a network then it’s over. Nigger Tyrone gets a sweet job just for being a nigger even if he has no network while a white guy with no network will be treated literallly like a nigger. Shits tough yo.

>White people can’t be poor
Reminds me of Bernie.


no that norfag is talking shit and just use it as an excuse for having shit grades, a wortless degree or simply being so autistic he cant get a job. if you cant get a job here (maybe not now in coronatimes) you are doing something wrong.

Killing yourself requires the ability to think ahead and see the bigger pictures. Blacks are incapable of that.

it is so funny you say that, i live in one of the poorest countries in the world and i am homeless, but yes your life is hard as white in norway LOL

When did Bernie say white people cant be poor?

>Why are white males so suicidal and weak despite playing life on easy mode and having everything handed to them from the get go?
We are marginalized in our own country, yo.

from what I understand, bankruptcy is one of the biggest reasons why healthy men commit sudoku.

Yes, being white and male.

“When you’re white, you don’t know what it’s like to be living in a ghetto. You don’t know what it’s like to be poor. You don’t know what it’s like to be hassled when you walk down the street or you get dragged out of a car,” Sanders said at the debate.

Do white people actually think they are marginalized in western countries? Or are they memeing?

And yet he’s the biggest ally white working Americans have had in Congress for years


i have no running water or electricity,have to beg for food and water everyday and white male in first world country kill themself for what???

white bois have small pp's


Based Sanders. He's right. The most labor intensive industries in the country (meat packing, agriculture) are all done by Mexicans. The white working class doesn't exist, you all have soyjobs and the uneducated ones work retail like niggers.

>and white male in first world country kill themself for what???
A threat much bigger than anything Chinaman could possibly imagine.

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Most cope post of all time

>we kill ourselves because we're smort

Cope more

>go over roleplaying you're a superior human compared to others because you've got more intelligence, creativity, and everything else you pretend.
>whine and cry about how when you're a fuck up idiot without intelligence, creativity, or anything good life is hard and you've got it harder than everybody else who is supposedly inferior

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Based white man thinking ahead, seeing the bigger picture and making the right decisions while those inferior blacks continue their pathetic existence with white w*men.

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you have never been hiring have you? this is how we sort applications
step 1: shitskins, muslims and openly religious people
>into the trash
>2: females that are obvious dramaqueens (i do this together with my female boss she spots them from miles away)
>into the trash
3: white males that believes in any kind of conspiracy, has a weird resume or suffers in his first world country
>into the trash
this is pretty much the standard, so dont give me the crap that niggers and sluts takes your jobs its completely your own fault.

If you think a black person cant look into the future and feel despair you’re fucking retarded. We don’t kill ourselves because we cling to our God and our families for hope and comfort despite the tribulations that life throws at us. You don’t kill yourselves because you can think ahead, you kill yourselves because you live like reptiles: solitary and faithless. Shoot yourself, my man.

>Madman's Knowledge

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Based and redpilled. I'm tired of economically upholding the darker inferior races.

Out of curiosity, for what kind of positions do these people apply?

Fuck dude, it would suck if every white person ITT just thought ahead and into the future and then killed themselves just to flex on us dumb niggers! Please don’t kill yourselves you pathetic NEETs!

t. incel brown freak
Get some new webms and images.
Larping incel.

"Anti-racist" negro lovers are the NEETS who don't work or pay taxes. You can tell if someone is a non-racist if they are an adult.

Why can't we all be friends?

bro, like, just think ahead lmao

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>white have highest suicide rates
Why yes I am the superior race how could you tell?

>Damn i just lost my keys, how can I get all that beer I left inside the car now?
>Fucking snow won't let me enjoy my pool
Yes, it's so hard to live in first world

Goddamn this only vindicates my racism. /pol. is always right

I said shoot yourself, my man.
Shoot yourself my man.

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You wouldn't understand.
Fuck off Schlomo.

>nooooo this Pakistani made fun of me I'm killing myself
>nooooo this black person is in my college I'm killing myself
>nooooo this Mexican person is the cashier I'm killing myself
>no this Chinese person got the IT job instead of me I'm killing myself
Why are they like this?

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>Shoot yourself my man.
You kill yourself nigger lover. Menial job having ass nig liberal.

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"service technicans" without getting more specific

Shoot yourself!
Keep moving the goalposts poor NEET faggot. I do fine for myself, thank you very much. Kill yourself and make space for people who are better mentally suited for this century.

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You don't really think I try to sell myself as suffering or believing in conspiracies when applying, right?

Because the world isn't the paradise you live in you alpine fucking germ, it's fucking hell down here and I'm getting punished for being alive

How is that wrong? Unless you're trailer park trash you have it easier than blacks and latinos. Most manual labor in your country is done by mexicans.