Do girls get suicidal when they hit the wall?

do girls get suicidal when they hit the wall?

i know that even 50yo obese women get laid but... id be so depressed if i was an old hag

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They do hit the wall earlier than us but I think it feels the same as for us.
But I guess it's a lot worse if they reach 50 and have no children because they can't make them anymore, while 70 year old men can still have kids.

my gf unironically is very anxious about ageing and she gets psycho everytime she faces the fact that she will be less hot in the future

>lmao i can't wait for the popular girls from high school to hit the wall
>i will get so much pussy

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I'm 24 years old and I always had many female friends. Around this age, you can tell that it starts to bother them.

They leave uni at this age, which was some sort of social platform for them where they get lots of attention from guys (on parties, in class, etc). You see that they slowly become less 'relevant' and that guys rather pick that cute 18 year old instead of them. They also wear a lot of makeup because those first wrinkles start to appearent (for some sooner than others). Don't get me wrong, they still get a lot of attention, but even they start to notice now that this wont last. Ageing for a woman is like getting sucked in a back home. You can do everything you want to fight it and escape it, but in the end it's all useless

the wall is a cope

some do, most dont. Problem with you guys is that you think male validation is everything on womens mind and that being attractive is everything, for most women when they get older they naturally start to have different priorities and same for men, if you are 35 year old you dont have much to talk about or relate with 20 yo

Yes, but they are too cowardly to actually kill themselves so they just drink a ton and take antidepressants to cope.


>I always had many female friends
how come? are you gay?

what's wrong with having female friends

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No I studied law which is flooded with girls. And most of the guys that do it are huge faggots

Makes me depressed just seeing them, can't imagine what it must be like to actually be them. I'll be 26 soon and still look very youthful. Crazy to think there are toasteroonies out there who think that I should be settling for them instead of my natural counterparts, 18 year old QTs.

why are the guys that study law faggots?
Also, fun fact, my last 2 exes were studying law
it means that you're either gay, or you're a beta who can't get them and get friendzoned. Real mean have 1 or max 2 girl friends

Unfortunately, no. They just get incredibly salty about it and decide to ruin the lives of younger women and especially men.

Society would be much better if every time a woman got assmad about no longer being hot, she had a heart attack and died.

>why are the guys that study law faggots?
They look like this

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>it means that you're either gay, or you're a beta who can't get them and get friendzoned. Real mean have 1 or max 2 girl friends

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i thought people talked like this only ironically

You know it's true. Now go cry to your girl friends about it

Lel, this.
The same applies for guys.
Your time is limited, use it wisely to build a career, acquire wealth and keep yourself fit physically and mentally.

You're that thirsty incel guy who hits on any girl he meets and consequently can never become friends with one, are you?

I also have many guy friends, I never said I had exclusively female friends

Everyone gets old, friend. By the mid 30s, both sexes will have to deal with the reality of bodily decay.
Some people cope with this badly: i.e. becoming bitter and lashing out, while others cope better and become kinder and more empathetic.

yeah this. Having female friends is a consequence of just having a sizeable amount of friends.

why would I want to become friends with them? I only see girls as fuck material, I don't want to be their 'friend'. My only 1 girl friends are un ironically cool and like the same shit that I do. I chose them based on their personality.

i'm pretty sure that it is also negatively correlated with the amount of testosterone you have. More girl friends, less testosterone and the other way around

>he doesn't have female friends to constantly have fresh pussy being introduced to him

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>why would I want to become friends with them? I only see girls as fuck material, I don't want to be their 'friend

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This is how I imagine the average westner

I'm pretty sure that's just incel-logic.

this is the only acceptable explanation to having a lot of girl friends.
coping incels. You know very well it's true, stop pretending like you're cool because your couldn't manage to fuck them and got friendzones instead, and now you're beta orbiting them 24/7 with the chance to someday get to them knowing very well that's not going to happen
this is how the average western looks like actually, you are right

they can get depressed but on the same level, its more superficial, also its easier to cope as a women because even at 40 you can have sex without effort

Look at this guy.
You have yet to see some things. In both your female friends' behaviour and your own perspective on life. Just in the next few years.

I like your description of the end of uni life but this is nowhere near the wall anxiety. Also girls smarten up around 25 or so, if they do.

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