How much does it cost to traffic women into your country?

How much does it cost to traffic women into your country?

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>girl from mozambique $2
lmao this cannot be real

Who are these sold to?

I can buy a virgin for under $5k? I guess I have a backup plan now.

99% pedophiles
1% people desperate for a child or needing fresh organs for transplants

>Yes, I will purchase all of your child soldiers.

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No way a Roma child bride costs so much compared to a girl from Quebec

What countries are they trafficked to?

>roma child bride $270 000

Recently a guy was arrested here for putting a black foreign worker on sale on OLX.

Do people really buy gypsies?


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A few of these have me wondering how they define slavery, the last one sounds more like a mail-order bride for example. Plus, no mention of the more notorious slavery countries like Mauritania, Libya, etc.
In UK, it is usually immigrants buying African slaves as servants, or gangs operating cheap labour for farms and factories or their drug operations such as growing weed. There was a documentary on TV years ago about it, some guy would go to bumfuckville in Africa, buy a child from a family that has too many to feed, then sell them online. The child would fly legitimately to the UK, go through customs, then immediately destroy their passport in the airport toilets. They then have to phone a number they have memorised and are given instruction by their new owner. The child obeys all this because the original buyer told them if they ever disobey them, a curse will be placed on their beloved family and they will die a horrible death.

You can buy them cheaper in Bulgaria where they have a yearly market.

>roma child bride for 270000

lol no, they get sold for a few kilos of copper wires

>Virgin Girl in Medellin
>online auction
do they really

if some rando paper says it must be true. (it's not)

Yeah, child sex slaves aren't sold in Medellin wtf.

let' see...
rangeban canada

Yes, 2013. What's wrong? You think child sex doesn't exist now?

nope, a ton has changed ever since. Last I checked, in 2016 some Dane was literally killed when the local thugs found out he had sex with an underage girl. I really don't understand why firsties come to third world shitholes to do stuff they won't do in their home countries. I mean, act like normal people here and you'll be fine, but if you do whacky shit like that you might upset the wrong kind of people

Here's a 2018 article about children getting kidnapped at gunpoint and then sold into child prostitution for a few hundred dollars.

yes that was a big story here, some israelis had a sex trafficking ring and they were eventually captured. But are you implying shit like that doesn't exist even in Canada? you'd be dumb to think that some girls don't voluntarily auction off their v-cards on online sites/apps. naive

Here's an article from 2019. 90 children rescued from a sex ring. 7500 children rescued over a 5-year span. That's over 4 children rescued from getting raped every day. And those are just rescued ones.

270,000$ for gypsy bride??
the fuck? I mean cool kid with ak47 is just 600$, who sets these prices?

The numbers take into account the pickpocketing you have to go through.

that's nothing compared to the amount of firsties auctioning their viginity on some apps bro, some even to it to pay off their student loans or tuition. Also from your article, half of the kids were foreign, so you can already guess who might be behind that shit

>that's nothing compared to the amount of firsties auctioning their viginity on some apps bro, some even to it to pay off their student loans or tuition

You can't seriously be arguing an adult vs. a kid. One of them is consenting and the other one is forced. That's like making an argument going to pay to fuck kids is fine because it's legal for you to buy an adult prostitute.

well I'm telling you it's not a thing. Pedos have an extremely hard time in jails here if they ever get caught, some aren't lucky enough and get killed by local thugs before they get captured by police. It's just not something you hear about everyday because it's very rare, also, assuming they're underage, I'm sure the vast majority of them are over they age of consent. Not defending the practice, but sex with literal minors is not something that occurs cause society at large doesn't take it well, not even the fucking criminals do and when they find a rapist the consequences are fucking bad for them

Imagine having a PMC(Private Military Company)of Mozambique girls and sending them to conquer some random mine African shithole for you
Sounds prettttyy based desu
You could be a dictator for the price of a house, then recoup your money later through the mine

Well an ak-47 from Ukraine would cost 10x the amount you could get a Mozambique girl.