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Your country
Does your country develop it's own plant based Burgers?
Finland yes and they are very tasty!

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Elaborate pls.
Why go to all the trouble of creating plant meat when you can get from cow.

if i wanted to eat plants i'd just eat plants
why disguise it as meat, what's the point
if i want to eat meat i'd just eat meat

Fake meat does taste good tho. It it shouldn't be called meat.

to turn the populace into obedient weak soyboys since real meat gives men testosterone

but what's the point
if you want to eat meat just eat real meat

They really should just create a new product. Don't even bother saying it's meat.

burgers are meat they cant be plant based

>all the fucking boomers/thirdies in this thread

If everyone was vegan not only would the chink flu be non-existent but it would also be the only real effort at mitigating the impending climate crisis

Because human brains can't tell the difference between meat or plant based burgers because it's just Irons, Protein and Hema.

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I would rather eat cooked veggies and tofu
Fake meats are cringe and pretentious

It's true though

No. Unfortunately our country is not as developed as Finland (Suomi). We only have burgers with meat, fish or chicken.

Both are good m8. Tofu is more versatile but fake meat has its uses.

meat is rather cheap here

I guess I should try it someday, I don't trust the ad, but I need to try for myself.

Theres a huge difference between what is fake meat and whats plant based food.

Much more marketable to call it meat-like than to refer to it as a vegetable protein based extrusion with added dyes and flavourings.

The way it is right now, I don't see them replacing actual meat, but they could offer more variety or perhaps be integrated as filler.

Nothing short of a decrease in the human population will help address our climate crisis, and that's not happening. Anyways, in the end, it's not the climate we should be worrying about, but rather the survival of our species.

They're interesting novelties. Beyond Meat burgers from a fast food place do a good job of approximating the taste and texture of your average burger, though there is something of a mushroomy taste to it.

boycott hesburger

No it isn't.

It's not made from dyes or flavourings it's made from plants using only plants and fermentation.

lol, that's not how hormones work
btw, most commercial cattle worldwide (and particularly the kind of B tier cattle you'd use for burgers) is fed with soymeal

If they're using beet juice to approximate the blood present in meat, then it is a form of dying.


>There's CARBS
>NOOOOOOOO you can't just put CARBS in MEAT my organs are MeLtIiIiInG

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Are this kind of burgers popular in Finland?

I'm not saying you should keep eating fast food burgers either

You should worry about the amount of salt fake-meat has.

We have an true food expert here
With your leaf logic putting paprika and vinegar on Piri Piri Chicken is just dye.

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Yes and you couldn't pay me to eat one of those things

>vegetable protein based extrusion with added dyes and flavourings
Sounds good, not gonna lie

Yes and think about it. Technically you could make same burgers from buckwheat also.

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