Why are Yas Forumscells so enraged by this ?

why are Yas Forumscells so enraged by this ?
White male whatever thread doesn't seem to bring this seethe does it ?

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All i see are two Americans in love. Whats there to be unhappy about?

Self hating CHIs

self hating olmecs

Flush down her genes

i unironically look like that guy

based or cringe?

The only thing that enrages me is video games, I just can't deal with how bad and horribly designed majority of games are.

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tfw jealous but also proud of my brown brother

literally me and my gf


>why are Yas Forumscells so enraged by this ?
why would they? is there anything wrong in the pic or something?

You tell me

two revolting human mammals engaging in so called "companionship" read stupid mammal relationships, I wish i was an AI machine so I didn't have to share a species with such idiocy

When did you become an incel?

whats this. both look like pure mutts

I'm no incel, I'm a transhumanist denied their body, born in the wrong species one might say, I want my robot body back

two American citizens

i mean actual mutts. who cares about mutts

>one of the many boyfriends an egirl with fetal alcohol syndrome has happens to be a latino
lmao the only person that seems to care is you

They look very similar. Are they blood related siblings?
If it's incest I'm all for it.

I don't see anything weird about the pic, just a couple. What am I missing? Is it because a good chunk of Yas Forums can't get a gf?

One on the right looks more Asian to me.

I don't know what I'm not seeing
What's wrong there?

Ever since I was a kid I always thought white nationalism made no sense
suppose you see a "white looking" woman on the street with a non-white man and get mad, how do you even know she is 100% white?
if she is 1% nonwhite you shouldn't get upset at all no matter if she burns coal/rice/burrito
so that pretty much means you never have a real reason to be upset at race mixing unless you've seen the woman's DNA test results

It's funny because by making posts like this shitskins basically admit they're inferior. "Look even a brown person can get a white woman, even though we're inferior!"

Are you Somalian? Aren't Finns supposed to be fairly smart? I'm surprised you even manage to turn on a pc.

chicanos amd mexicans do not make these threads look at ops flag

He's an arab or asian

I guess pan africanism is a joke too because african americans are 20-50% white genetically?

Ok but no need to get butthurt, the guy making the thread is not even mexican

they're enraged because they wanna be the girl being held.

literally nothing wrong with being inferior when the "superior" race hands out gibs and pussy in perpetuity

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