Sixtus Dominic Boniface Christopher edition

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Saving the white race he is.

every single one of them needs a good hard slap

Which girl from my hero academia would you fuck first?

For me it’s Tsu

lasanga sandwich for dinner

for me it's roast lamb

The wall subedition

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eat the rich

The advantage of having a dog for company lies in the fact that it is possible to make him happy; he demands such simple things, his ego is so limited. Possibly, in a previous era, women found themselves in a comparable situation - similar to that of domestic animals.

business idea for my eventual suicide: swallow a dozen rusty nails and have an MRI done

real nigga coming through

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i'm the smartest man in australia!

get rekt whitey

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literally just finished watching this elsewhere

You can take a picture of literally ANYBODY on a day they're tired/ate shit/slept shit from a funny unflattering angle in an unflattering light and they'll look bad.

This proves literally nothing.

dear go i hope that's not his wife

what's your MBTI type lads

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Ghetto coon tier.

i don't know


Hello Ana

take a test and report back

>oh no somebody clowned on my millionaire actress pedowood elite waifu
cmon brah

after reading the descriptions i think i am a liberal arts major

>Be Shitnadian
>next nearest city is 800 miles away

Choosing the engagement ring, need some input

ENTP does actually fit me I used to hunt rodents and small birds like pigeons and crows and magpies etc and i do talk a lot

why do so many people know or care about this shit
it's the same pointless gobbledygook as IQ tests

That sounds more like Australia.

Anywhere, why are new world Anglosphere shitholes so vast and underpopulated?

Literally a pap'd pic of her yesterday. You've never had somebdoy take a pic and you go oh fuck what a mess I look?

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I don’t think you realize how bad it is for white Canadians. While shitskins and chinks get access to scholarships for university, white people that are low income have literally nothing. Plus they get picked for all government jobs. I’ve worked many jobs often times with these immigrants and they’re just terrible. I managed to go from stocking shelves to a manager in a store. I only hire people that are whites.

It’s also impossible to date in such an expensive city or fucking worthwhile. Russia seems like a good job. Hard working conservative country that dont bend over backwards for subhumans


ENTPs are more than that tbf, ENTPs are debaters who like to argue with fools on the internet and would unironically be nazis if it were more socially acceptable

i feel like pigeons and crows and magpies are quite big birds

>While shitskins and chinks get access to scholarships for university
>white people that are low income have literally nothing

How is this different from the US or Australia?

when i went to the tate modern in the uk there were loads of stixth form girls in crop tops was very hard to focus on the art ngl

My lower abs are hurting lads

any ramadan man in?

Caked on makeup there
Wall takes no prisoners

what he said is literally true though.

Rammer Dan

how do you know they were sixth form and you are not, in fact, a nonce?

Brown hands

i copied that post from a leaf in another thread, I think it deserves to be a copypasta

the concept of "the wall" is cruel and misogynistic
we need to be better

might have second breakfast

She's like that forever now it's like making a face and the wind changes. Gets stuck forever init
Same for if you ever in any circumstance didn't act like "Chad" you'll always be a vf now. Get with the times
Now you know. Fucking roasty

I wish I was born a girl, life is so unfair
Men are so unattractive, why couldn’t I’ve just been born a girl. Also most girls I know live more exciting lives, most guys just play video games all day at masturebate to porn. Being a guy sucks, I really think of anything positive about being a male. I just feel so ugly all the time because I’m male. I just want to be a girl

>I only hire people that are whites
so everyone is just constantly fucking with each other in this world eh. this world is dumb lol

it's a generalised framework by which to predjudge people and god knows us insecure types need something like that