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/balt + ausnz/ - seems to be a nice morning edition

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knocked off a piece of the chandelier while stretching

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very tall very sexy

this guy comes up on my twitter sometimes he does bad covers of songs and dances badly to them

Hello fellow boys

I’m sitting on the [Lithuania] taking a big stinky [Estonia] and I’m going to wipe my [Latvia] once I’m done

Got drunk.
Will continue to get drunkener.

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i wish i could get drunk
get extra drunk for me

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Correll Bufford does excellent covers of songs and dances excellently to them

as more members of /balt/+/ausnz/ are killed off by corona virus this general becomes slower and ever closer to death

Feel cold unfortunately

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What's everyone's favourite King Crimson album? For me, it's hard to decide between Starless and Bible Black, Larks' Tongues in Aspic or Red

Psychedelic masterpiece

For me, it's either Red or Larks Tongues in Aspic. I'm more of a Gentle Giant fan though

I will brother, I will.
I'll get black out drunk and make a complete fool of myself just for you.

I've been meaning to get deeper into Gentle Giant, I've listened to a bit of Acquiring the Taste and like that a lot. Their percussion really hits the spot for me.

I hope I die next.

Bold of you to assume we actually listen to good music

Everything up to and including Free Hand is sickening and definitely worth a listen.

me too

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>killed off by corona

There's only two things that kill Lithuanians. External application of excessive kinetic energy, and cessation of function of internal biological systems.


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I would like to exploit the Lithuanian peoples to create an infinite energy system that utilizes these features

Final solution to [[[Estonian]]] problem

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Scuttle off you little rodent

Some Irish whiskey, home brew and James squire golden ale
Why not the bottlo's are open


I'm back from serving my time, seems like jobanais sētnieks didn't appreciate my buttery shitposts
what you faggots been up to for the past three days? did I miss anything?

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If I had a gun with 2 bullets and was in a room with hitler, osama bin laden and estonia I would shoot estonia twice

just turn your router off and on next time

>just turn your router off and on next time
doesn't work for me
also I wanted to do something more productive besides posting on Yas Forums and it was a good excuse

Well if you are saying you have a static ip and you just posted your IP for everyone to see that wasn't a smart move

> something more productive
Did you just smoke and relax?
Anyway, /balt/ is kill since art trannie commited suicide and no one bumps threads now

Also I think I will go and buy a bag of chips for lunch. Also there was leftover hektors in glass from friday. There were 2 drowned and drunk flies in there. Fished them out and now I'm drinking hektors

You gotta clear your cookies and reset your IP

Why do germoids use xD and ^^ so much