1.youre cunt

1.youre cunt
2.What games are you playing during lockdown in your cunt?

Dark Souls III, Fortnite and Dota2

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>Crusader Kings 2

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Resint Evil 2 (finished)
World of Warcraft: Classic
Yakuza 0 (finished)
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (finished)
Portal 2

Ace Combat 7(Almost got the Plat)
Dead By Daylight

Dota 2 but I'm absolutely trash


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You're that 2k mmr player from before iirc



>World of Warcraft: Classic
Do you play on US servers or you have Latin American servers? And how much is your monthly subscription?

Fortnite isn't a bad game desu just the little kids that play it give it a bad name

I swear, every russian on steam has 2k hours on dota.

I play on an American server yes, because Latin Americans are either casuals or just too dumb on online games, even though we have a Latin American server
I only pay 9 USD a month, way less than first worlders, I think Euros have to pay like 16 USD
But of course they earn way more than your average mexican

2k hours is a small number for dota or CSGO

I pay around 7.3 USD a month, but only if the account was registered in Russia and you pay in rubles, yet I still can play on EU servers with people from Sweden, UK, Italy etc, while they pay much more.

Right now, Earthbound on snes

I'm not a pro in this game, but yes, it has become a national videogame here.

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Yep, grinding all summer so I can hit atleast legend before I get back to school

Bloodborne and euro truck sim

Crusader or Archon? Just stick to one role and hero bruh

why do russians play dota over league

Spent the last couple days playing Skyrim with sex mods.

CoD 2

Based. Been PVPing outside micolash and in the DLC now and then.

Nice, have you had a great time? is this your first time playing vanilla wow?

Archon 4. I've been spamming slardar offlane with good result, gonna keep doing it

Empire total war and GTA 3

Dragon Quest XI
Rance III
Rance IV

Because league is a weeb shit.


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I was playing New Vegas all day yesterday basically.

I looked it up, and I did all the flags for triggering Arcade's quest, but he won't start it. I'm kinda bothered, so I'm just doing BoS quests now.

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The one and only X-Com: UFO Defense

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Best post ITT. I've pimped my skyrim to around 150 mods for both graphics and gameplay. Makes OSA so much better.

good lad

GG m8