Immigrating to Russia

i'm fucking tired of my country. i'm sick of justin trudeau and his diversity. i'm tired of immigrants stealing our jobs. i'm tired of watching my country go to shit.

i have made up the decision to move to russia. i want to live in a conservative country that doesn't bow down to diversity. i hate the fact that women here race mix.

any russians here have any advice? im looking at remote jobs where i can work in English while learning the language

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Don't come.
If you are unsatisfied with life in Canada you will be unsatisfied with life anywhere else.
It is up to your perception of things.


brown man bad

Have fun. Also teaching English can make lots of money.

quality bait but you laid it on too thick

Why did you post a stinky monkey?

There is more to life than simple perception.

Same but I'm moving to China

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I don’t think you realize how bad it is for white Canadians. While shitskins and chinks get access to scholarships for university, white people that are low income have literally nothing. Plus they get picked for all government jobs. I’ve worked many jobs often times with these immigrants and they’re just terrible. I managed to go from stocking shelves to a manager in a store. I only hire people that are whites.

It’s also impossible to date in such an expensive city or fucking worthwhile. Russia seems like a good job. Hard working conservative country that dont bend over backwards for subhumans

>Russia isn't diverse

>moving from first world to second
You have no idea, nigga.

>If you are unsatisfied with life in Canada you will be unsatisfied with life anywhere else.
This 100%

you deserve to burn in a shithole like Central African Republic so you would realize how luck you are to be a Canadian

Oh man, do you know that when someone goes from Russia it's not emigration, but evacuation?
Seriusly, are you kidding?

Russia is not a bad state to live, but shit, you are living in Canada. A lot of people think this is a terrestrian paradise.

lol kys already if you think you suffer this bad as a majority in the first world

>I suffer in the first world

Is there a chan without russian jannies and russiabooism?


I suffer because your people come to my country and make it impossible to make a decent living...
It can’t be worse than being white in Vancouver. You literally have to speak Chinese to get a job. Not joking.

Lol, no more

Daily 1st worlder wants to move to a shithole to get away from liberals and start family with traditional waifu

Please try leaving mommy's basement firstly

Go to Souf Dakota

>You literally have to speak Chinese to get a job.

America is somewhere I wanted to go. Unfortunately it’s easier for prajeet or some mexican move there than someone like me

Maybe you should stop being a whiny bitch.

Unironically this

True, there is only bots and zoomer cosmopolites

I'm having that moment again where I 'm not sure if the poster is pretending to be retarded or is actually retarded.

Just know that if you are a misfit in your own country, you will be a misfit everywhere else.

It's unlikely that moving to Russia will make your life better and that's not me just shitting on Russians

Then learn chinese. It wont hurt, I promise

I don’t know why everyone is saying this. I’m a hard worker and considering how expensive and discriminatory my city is for whites (housing, job market, education) I think if I was in a place like Russia things would be better. Sure it’s not a first world country but just look at the state of those cuc ked nordic countries. I’d take russia over sweden anyday

>I hate immigrants therefore I will become an immigrant

Focus less on others and more on yourself