be Vietnam,literally third world communist shithole

> be Vietnam,literally third world communist shithole
> 280 Covid-19 cases
> 0 death
How ?

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>0 covid deaths
>1000 pneumonia "totally not covid" deaths

> Ur A gAY
> Voicing their opinion
here's your (You)

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Fucking kys self-hating retard

Most of us are BCG vaccinated, so our lungs are pretty much Iron.
We are dirty too so we have good immunity to boost.

>a literal fascist state

Never realized my flag is so gay

dont forget, commie regimes love to lie a lot about stuff like that

Well you asked shitbrain.

The most based country on Earth
> fascist state

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Viet Nam is the only one foreign country that I've ever visited
Good country, good people

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Thank you based Jap user

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i believe eventually tropical climate weakens the activity of c19. plus you wear masks whereas no other third worlders dont.

>believe what commie gov says

It's fair to say we've grown accustomized with buying/wearing masks since the air's quite polluted here
> le ebin gook has arrived
How does it feel having more than 10,000 cases

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> be Vietnam,literally third world communist shithole
> lie and hide data because you want to try and get foreign investments and pretend you can handle it well

Corona is just a worst version of the flu, nothing really scary.

> be Murica
> 54,000 niggers and boomers bite the dust
Nice propaganda Carlos

Not really imo
We are a single party nationalist country. Our system is just based on Lenin's socalist system.
Cambodia, our neighbour is doing good too in case you need another democratic example.

>not having Northern

đến cả bánh mì mà cũng không ăn thì...

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>i believe eventually tropical climate weakens the activity of c19

Not just wrong, but retarded, the humidity of tropical climates actually prolongs the life of the virus. It's dry and hot climates which are good at hindering infection and that applies to all manner of illnesses.

>Commie bad, non-commie good
>Y-you faired better than us? That must mean you're lying. W-we are supposed to be first worlders... we can't face such humiliation under some tiny shithole. Proofs for my claims? Cause ur commie duh.

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Do you have Lenin statues around?

>Experts credit Vietnam’s early, decisive steps: swiftly banning nearly all travel from China, suspending schools in mid-January even before recording any infections, quarantining tens of thousands of people and employing the extensive Communist Party apparatus to communicate distancing measures and trace the contacts of COVID-19 patients.
>In February, when a group of Vietnamese workers tested positive for the virus after returning from Wuhan, the Chinese city that was the source of the outbreak, authorities locked down their entire commune of 10,000 people for three weeks — the first mass quarantine outside China.
>Last month, more than 300 medical staff, police, soldiers and civilians were deployed to track down the contacts of a British pilot believed to be the origin of a coronavirus cluster at a bar in Ho Chi Minh City. Authorities sealed off several businesses and quarantined thousands of people in their apartments.
Wouldn't have been possible over here.

a few

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jelly of ur masks m8

>Our system is based on the ideas of the leader of the communist revolution in Russia
>Not communist tho :^)

We locked up a whole street because one fugly bitch came back from Italy hiding the fact that she got Covid
> Spreading mass awareness that this shit's super lethal and can kill families within days
> Closing schools,most students havent return to school since Ferb
We've send a couple of them to the UK,hope it'll help user

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We dont have much statue of him, but lenin portrait along with marx are always next to each other.
We have always been a Leninism country.

Nowadays, New Economic Policy of Lenin plays important part of our economic development

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Viets have the strongest immune system in asia, iirc a chinese show host mentioned how only the viets could stomach more food than them like apple snails n plated catfish

>> 54,000 niggers and boomers bite the dust
Is that a problem?

> use rapid test kit

> cheap and low efficiency , high chance of fault result

> never repeating test

> strongly media censorship maybe more than china

> made citizen to be proud of their country and government propaganda

Based Communist please don't trust them

> thailand
I don't wanna hear from a country that worthship a Maha Vajiralongkorn a.k.a a literal trash
yeah,lots of exotic gross shit here
Have fun seeing your precious dad gasping for breath


Keep seething americucks

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But you are not vaxxed and will probaby die, Sam

>be Vietnam,literally third world communist shithole
being a poor third world country is not bad when it comes about food prices. i kinda envy your fruit and meal prices.