The perfect world in Grey

The perfect world in Grey

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>no brazil
>no russia
>no china
>no africa
>no india
into the TRASH it goes

>no mongolia


Is it based that Belarus is in grey?

Yeah that one was my bad. Mongorian steep would have been cool.

Souless as fuck. Btw, about Africa, I don't care for the countries or the people desu, but we need the african Animals and flora. They are the soul of the world

Ahhh, NOW it's perfect.

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Of course

>>no brazil
>>no russia
>>no china
>>no africa
>>no india
>into the TRASH it goes

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get out of my thread until you learn to evolve macacao

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What is that county in grey in the middle of Africa

Korea okay

Make me stop...fucking leaf
Central African Republic

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Brazil, russia, china, africa can alll go into the bin. india bros can stay tho

I want you to be perfect just purge rio and the norf

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I want you to be perfect, just change your flag

lmao the balls on Chinada

Pajeet hands wrote this post

Last warning macacaos

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>no CR and Panama

You have to ask?

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>no binlan
What did they do to you?

based bricsoid

Fuck you subhumans

terrible posters

yes pls tell me, I can't find a correlation, I see Colombia, the USA, all of the caribbean and Mexico in Grey

No, OP, THIS is the perfect world

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lol seethe more scott pilgrim