Why do pardo latinos seethe over mestizos so much?

Why do pardo latinos seethe over mestizos so much?

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I wish I was mestizo

What's important is that wh*Tes are destroyed

You are schizophrenic

>It's another burger race baits episode

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All Amerimutts on Yas Forums are schizos. Are you surprised?

>You are schizophrenic

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Yes but this one in particular is severe schizophrenic. At least he didn't put a name like XUACHTLON CHAD (olm*cs killer) and wrote something in caps lock. Its a start.


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>ugly people fighting between each other
boooooooooooooooring. you need to get the fuck out of my face, creatura

>o sul e meu pais

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Why are mestizo so irrelevant despite being far more present than the pardos?

left is 1.6m, right is 1.8m. there you go

Most of south america is pardo, half of central america is pardo, and the entire caribbean is pardo. Sadly, they are more umerous, but they're all meek and easy to subjugate so their end will come soon enough when mestizos rise up. Pardos are only relevant cause jews promote their most important invention, aka reggaeton.

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>it's because of the jews if we are talentless obese dwarves.

what is mestizo's most relevant invention?

Mestizos run and control all drug cartels in latin america. Mestizos are also responsible for organizing all popular guerilla movements. Pardos are too low IQ and cowardly and have been at the whims of their superiors for most of history. It is only until recently with their reggaeton that they've become confident, but soon enough they will be knocked down a peg by martial and warlike mestizos.

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Literally nothing. They take credit of what the aztecs do. But they are very schizophrenic
When they are trying to offend whites and spaniards, they go full aztec
But among them, they use "indio" as an offense and boycott pure natives in Mexican tv

Being le quirky repetitive poster #1000000 and begging for a couple of (You)'s are not the ways of coping with your brown manletism.
Accept yourself and move on, prieto.

Mariachi music, cowboy (vaquero) culture, color television, the world largest and most expensive drug trade network, various poets, warriors and artists.

Yes I am brown, Yes I am mestizo. Who said I ever wanted to be wh*Te? How do you cope with being a conguito pardo reggaetonero?

Why do pardos look like ogres bros? Why are they so jelly of us mestizo, geez, all the expected flags came to this thread as well and they're seething.

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>Most of south america is pardo

The pic of the left isn't a mestizo, looks like a Harnizo or a Castizo. The pic related is a mestizo

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I change my body for yours

Most mestizos have light skin, its indo mestizos who are brown

No difference, russians are mixed just like you

What the fuck is this fuckery of a thread
Shit thread

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