What are your honest views on free soloing?

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>What are your honest views on free soloing?
For retarded adrenaline addicts only


The pic in the OP makes my palms and soles sweat.

Haha you sound like a pussy

respect for people who do it

>using special sticky powder on your hands

I want to do it because i want to die but I'm too much of a pussy to straight up kill myself

aren't really any good places here though

how they fuck did he get here in the first place, there are no holds

I would shit my pants.

sideways id imagine

how's that possible, the crack is almost vertical

im sure if there's pics of it at different angles then it would make it clear how

found a vid

it's ok if autistic loners want to do it, but people with families doing it are retarded, as well as those that try to form personal relationships with these free solo climbers. There's a bunch in slovenia that did this shit and left behind a wife and children.
And I don't get why it's so hyped by the media in the USA.

>She's already dead

bloody hell she's got strong forearms
are you the one that wants to try ? don't you have mountains n valleys n shit in nz ?



somebody post the chink on the building


right up there in the nope category with caving and underwater cave diving.
I still get inside lengthy rabbit holes on youtube about all three things.

Caving is fine on mapped paths.

What are your honest views on free duoing?

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I am uncomfortable in elevators imagine in a narrow stone hole with flowing water several dozens of meters underground.
I like climbing and normal scuba diving though, just fuck caves.

kinda funny how a reaction the body does to give your hands more grip can get triggered by a pic on the a screen


But sweaty hands are slippery.
>evolution tards eternally btfo

If anything people who get scared and sweaty and pussy out are more likely to survive

Impressive show of strenght and confidence.
Yes it's dangerous but we should let these daredevil do what they like if they choose so. They're often more than aware of the risks and precautions to take.

Look up Blackwater rafting NZ. It's soo much fun and rarely narrow

free soloists get a fair amount of hate in the climbing community because they actually don't know about risks and precautions, they just pretend to.

looks amazing but stuff like pic related is absolute nightmare fuel, I don't think I could do it, one has to know his limits.

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