The blacks are stealing all of our white women

What do we do to stop them bros?

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HOW do you please someone with an ass like that??



Nothing. All women of all races belong to KARA BOĞA.

At least it wasnt a fucking dog

i honestly don't care because im 29 and fuck hookers in thailand if want pussy

You don't want a white gf?


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You’re not white lol

The thought of Iskra bouncing on his 13 inch BLACK COCK make me so fucking hard HHHHNNNNGGGG

The next white woman I see with a n*gger I'm gonna kill

omgggg like .08% of the white girl population is dating a black dude i cannot believe we are just letting this genocide happen aaaghAAAAAAGH

this is a step up for her. wh*Te women usually fuck dogs

It's over

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Why don't we lynch the men and stone the women?


I'm okay if I see a med or latino with a white woman but if I ever see a nig, paki or gook with a white woman they need to die. Not a racist just being real.

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wow a quality thread of which is about racebait and not at all driven by mental illness

Found the spic.

I am silver haired scottish leaf

If you believe that you're a FOOL.

You have to be a total incel and pervert to think that all the girls have a BBC fixation that will prioritize everything around her

An average sick size guy with noble intentions and with similar interests works for most

You have GAY SEX will all the cute black guys, leaving racist caricature tier thugs for the femshits

It's too late BBC has won

Good, the more cute mulatto women they make the better

good thread

Steal their black women

imagine caring about women

Who would want to fuck a monkey?

>says racist thing
>"i'm not being a racist"
How can someone can be this retarde...

You wouldn't? Faggot.

Steal all the Asian women.
Then the Asian men can steal all the black women completing the cycle.


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>Steal all the Asian women.
But BLACK MEN are taking all the asian women, it's literally over for wh*Teoids.

>this flag
>le interracial meme

Burn yourself, kike.

white women, apparently

8" minimum.

Aka me.

I would rather die as an incel than commit bestiality by having a relationship with a Negro woman.