Get into an argument with someone

>get into an argument with someone
>refresh obsessively to see if they replied to me.

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Don't lie, it destroys your mental health. Just stop arguing with people on here.

>make ridiculous post to farm (You)s
>close thread if not replied the next post

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>shitpost just for (You)s
>actually get upset when people call you a retard

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You guys, please call your friends. discord, phone, fucking magicbox or whatever.

I usually just post one reply pointing out the obvious flaws in an anons argument and then close the thread because continuous arguing on the internet is for incels

I disagree, conflict is good for Human development and building character.

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dangerously based and brutally redpilled

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this has happened to me. had to calm myself for a sec reminding me I don't actually believe what I'm shitposting and instead kept up the mass reply shitposts

>conflict on the internet
>good for you

W-wait stop laughing at me I'm serious

>What tactics do you use to shit post?
Announcing victory from lack of argument if they end up just using ad hominem, despite me insulting people left and right in the first place.

>lose argument
>tell him to have sex

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>lose argument
>cope, then seethe in reply rotation.

>Post message
>wait for replies
>if no replies tell how shit this thread is anyway and close it
>proceed to the next one

>lose argument
LoL do they really

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Shut up, retard, no one cares.

The purpose of having an argument is to learn, there's no winning or losing.

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>Samefag from my phone if I lose an argument
>Look up Yas Forums archieves and copy/paste posts when I'm too assblasted to make up my own insults

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I do this too.

I also LARP as a racist pol tard and an extremist muslim. Often at the same time in different threads

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why do you do this, some retards believe it, and even if they didn't you just shit up the board

>some retards believe it
Honesty you have a good point. But you should try shitposting it’s fun as fuck. Hopefully by reinforcing stereotypes something bad will happen to them. Smart people don’t fall for the racism meme

> even if they didn't you just shit up the board
Let’s be honest it was always shit

but I do shitpost
shitposting doesn't mean shitty baiting, it means fun, as in making others and yourself laugh and have a good time while keeping it somewhat relevant
>it was always shit
is it one of your ebin shitposts or are you barely out of your teens, what the fuck is that mentality, no, it was not always shit, everybody has had great moments here, fuck off to Yas Forums Yas Forums Yas Forums or /soc/

Honest question how long have you been browsing Yas Forums? It hasn’t changed much at all imo

>write overly lengthy essay in response to person making vague points
>become a nervous wreck for hours on end wondering if person ran away or if he will write an even longer essay to respond to mine

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kek that is me

>write overly lengthy essay in response to person making vague points
>nervously wait if they reply but hope that they don't for the thread to 404 so i win the argument by default

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fr*ck you got me there lots of love