On Wednesday it will be Israel's 72nd indeoendence day

How are you going to celebrate it?

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Beer... Happy birthday, Israel!

I want jew gf otherwise I don't celebrate.

from what? a bunch of jews moved to palestine and jewish terrorists killed their british masters and eventually they made a country for you because of the holocaust

probably bbq at home with family, they'll probably lock everything down like on pesach.
its a shame my sister wanted to come see my old army base that's usually open on independence day.

I don't particularly care because it doesn't affect me in any way, shape or form. Good for you I guess

ودي اتنابز بالالقاب لكنا في رمضان

Also this

Have you read Isaiah 53? I ask because no isr general. I hear it is not taught with the torah, it is part of the old testament in Christianity.

hopefully they extend the airforce flyover since everyone is locked up at home

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what is this isaiah thing ? why are you asking me ?

I assume your addressing fellow Israelis and other Jews because its an odd thing, at least to me, to celebrates somebody else' holiday

Because you live in Israel. I assume you are religious or have practice religion.
Chapter Isaiah 53 you may not have heard of it. I wanted to know your opinion.

>I assume you are religious or have practice religion.
are you retardo ?
anyways if you're some cult schizo im not interested

Happy "indeoendence" day.

I'm not a cultist you idiot, this is in the old testament I am just asking if you ever heard it. Considering it is your ""the jews""" bible. I guess you are one of those liberal athiest homo jew.

Sorry bro, I am an atheist , can't help you.

independence from what? they were literally given that country then mass immigrated.

>he dosnt like my schizo cult books
>lets call him a homo

72 too many

independence from UK

Are you one of those liberal gay american Jews? Is your bf arab?

All I pray for is a nuclear holocaust.

>Have you read Isaiah 53? I ask because no isr general. I hear it is not taught with the torah, it is part of the old testament in Christianity.
According to Jewish teachings it should be that the person it's speaking about is a metaphor for all Jews or just speaking about Isiah being executed by Manasseh of Judah and his teachings being continued to by his followers and students.

why are you so threatened that people dont like your schizo cult? and no im hetero and not american

Do you think it sounds like Yeshu?
>A jew who is subverting Israel
I see the Jewish revoloutionary spirit is strong.

>not falling for schizo cult delusions is 'subverting'
whats wrong with you man ?

Israel is a ethno-religious country, you are subverting it by being an athiest. Congrats. Did you at least get to keep your foreskin since you're an athiest?

israel isnt ethno or religious anything its a nation state same as your country. i suggest you educate yourself before making such claims in the future.

Not that guy but why are you lying? Israel is an ethno-religious state, it's the reason why you don't give Palestinians citizenship despite encroaching on their lands.

>literally need jewish dna or to convert to get israel citizenship or make aliyah
Did you get circumsized? I guess you did, that sucks man and you're not even part of the cult huh? For nothing.

Explain how I am wrong too I'm not.

Independence from what?

as i said educate yourself before making dumb claims. israel is no ethnostate because it has no state ethnicity. israel is not a religious state because there is no state religion. israel is a nation state because it has a state nationality as is stated in the declaration of independence and the nation state law.
we're not gonna hand out citizenships to foreigners that are not of our nationality because it is a nation state of one nationality.

By blasting Hezbollah tunes on full volume.