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isn't that where the guy killed fought those reptilians

looks like shit

You can basically live the aussie way of life in certain places here if you wanted to

But yeah not sure why you'd want that though, what with all the blacks and expensive healthcare

reckon we'll be flooded with aussie tourists after lockdown, since they won't be allowed to go to bali

unfathomably based post

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mad how australia's not had a recession in a long time

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Hawkie Sub-Edition

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business idea: women's sumo wrestling

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>sees /brit/

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pennsylvania is better than australia

Let us in Jacinda you doggggg
Let us visit your national parks full of rats and stoats

wouldn't be the same without eucalyptus trees and australian animals

LOL well we're about to mate

Kangaroos are buffed, do they go to the gym?

Simp: The Movie.

NEED lockdown to end
Haven't had a shag in almost 21 years

no prime minister treasurer combo has been this based since

All of that can grow and live here

In fact, I support the establishment of an Australian biome out west. Like Jurassic park

They're bankrolled by the Chinese



California already has a lot of eucalyptus trees imported which has the unfortunate side effect of making their wildfires much much worse

My mum doesnt think 9/11 was the least bit fishy and had zero ulterior motives

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Man's an absolute legend. One of the greatest pintman I reckon.

>WHO says there is no evidence of immunity after recovering from 'rona
>Gates calles the current situation "Pandemic 1" meaning they expect this will happen again
pack it in boys, this is the new normal

the dream

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they just fight all day brah
still wouldn't be the same, australia adapted over millions of years to sustain it's mental flora and fauna, you can't just import it to america and expect the same result.

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She's had sex, what else do you expect her to think?

based mum
cringe 4channeler

boomers can't think beyond what the TV told them

once witnessed a virgin get a hug from a female and it reminded me of those videos of stray dogs/cats that are afraid and scared of humans but once they receive the right kind of human attention something just twigs in their brain and they kinda just freeze up out of pure shock


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Hawke? Absolutely

Man these fuckers really do stand on their tails don't they

Ah yes the supposed 'lockdown' have heard the neighbour's car come and go about 5 times today.

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Australia has its own unique beauty really

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Name 1 (one) Australian. I'll wait.


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>trusting the WHO
>listening to a computer scientist nerd

they essentially have a third leg, all aussies know what that feels like haha


look at the tufts of fur being pulled out bloomy crazy

my mum is the opposite, thinks literally everything is a conspiracy and nothing ever just happens
it's kind of fucking annoying

Yeah I know what you're talking about
feel bad for vf's because they simply cannot help telegraphing it

the one who got stabbed by a stingray

aha classic
same aha

reading about ruby ridge and waco
the american government has a lot to answer for

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Oh she is cute

>a computer scientist nerd
gates hasn't been that for a long time
he's now part of the "in" crowd, with the elites
these cunts are probably planning the next epidemic to reduce the population

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mere misunderstandings.

Nah those waco people were freaks and had it coming I reckon

he's still lacking in epidemiology credentials

Is this the greatest city south of the equator?

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video footage of mikey's bank holding out on him

hello glownigger

why the fuck are people sucking up to australians here
what's the point
who cares?

Thankfully they did answer for it

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no quite frankly

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aussie cities make me mad since they have that bland "generic american city" appearance. In contrast to Europoors whose cities look more organic and human.

>Also God says I should sleep with everyone's wives
Why does literally every cult end like this?

*blocks melbourne's path*

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odd, definitely new world cities but a similarity to yank cities is not something I hear often

Melbourne has some of that cool old church vibe though, it really is impressive

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Take away the obvious landmarks like the opera house and sydney looks just like miami

Good lads
Not even close in my opinion

anywhere in NE america is the same though
boston has tons of based old shit for example

it certainly fucking doesn't

would move to australia in a heartbeat given the opportunity

Umm, sorry sweaties

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