So my friend is an 'audiophile' now

So my friend is an 'audiophile' now
Is there a way to tell him he sounds like a pretencious fag without it sounding rude?

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Just call him gay lol. Ask him how wide his asshole is.

what is an audiophile ?
someone that like music ? i don't really get it.

someone who appreciates decent quality in audio.

You guys are pleb niggers, kys.

tell him he sounds like a pretencious fag
always tell the truth, euphemisms are retarded.

Just call him a pretentious fag m80.
I thought Russians were direct. I'm English and would happily tell it how it is.

I work with one of these. He abuses amazons return policy to try out every fucking headphone he can, some of them are pretty cool hell bring them in. Cannot get him to shut up about anything once he gets going either but that's just him..

He keeps going on talking about stuff like "found this obscure 90's trance music album, check it out" or "man, I can't return to my airpods after listening to these way cool headphones" or sends me vids with weird music instruments

he sounds literally autistic (I know this because I am autistic)

I probably will, but I know he will get mad like a woman

without a doubt he jacks off to asmr of little kids
shoot him user

Why would you want to be friends with someone like that?

He's an alright guy apart from that+we've known each other since school and I don't have any other close and old friends

record a fart find a way to make the file size super big and tell him to listen to it
make some stupid excuse it was made with a new technology or something

If that's the highlight of your worries, then leave him alone.

Give him deep kiss while rubbing his buttocks then call him fag while maintaining direct eye contact

We call people with sharp hearing 'telinga lintah' (ears of a leech) since leech react to sound of your legs entering water quickly to suck on them.

if you can't tell him he's being a daft cunt without being scared like a little girl then he's not your friend

You are the only woman here.
You don't even know what a word means and you're throwing a tantrum about it.

I’ll be your fren

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>wtf, you think this slow-paced 9 minutes-long track without any lyrics is boring??

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What, like ambient or something? Or jazz? Anyway, audiophiles refer to people who are way into the sound quality, not just someone who is interested in music

>like ambient or something?
He sends me posts with 10 minute long tracks and then asks if I listened to them

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let me tell you right now. you don't want to jump down the audiofoolery meme
>t. thousands of dollars in custom 6 driver iems, multiple headsets, amps, dacs, tubes for my amp, etc

It probably isn’t something you have to be told user, you should just know


Send him this

you should. i sold a bunch of it but now since i moved out of my parents house i invested it all into good speakers

He is the kind of friend I wish I had.


he didn’t think so

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