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tfw no gf

could i get a gf/bf in your cunt?

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tfw no bf

No go away


i hate you, mammals
i'm not a mammal like you, i'm just a machine waiting to happen

the el salvador user is a better poster than fk and fk on a proxy

blow me

Apparently this is now /cumh/

Mexicans i thought you handled them better than this

i want to ascend into an artificial body as well

someone post a picture of Cassandra or their mom pls!!

this is the only mom i need

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he is from slavedor
their flags are so similar

>Applied to every union in my city
>Nothing even though I know I did well on their exams
>Apply to every construction job posting
>Never get a call
I just want to do some honest productive work :(



I want to hear the trees breath again


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Manchester post

that cat gif, fuck off fag chicano youre a tomato picker

the average user on /cum/ is 20 and on average women start having kids when they are 30 so most moms of anons are 50+

>We are currently experiencing increased volumes and response times may be delayed. To help us prioritize the most urgent threats to safety, we ask that users please only report behavior that presents a high risk of harm and requires our intervention to resolve. We encourage users to explore options -- such as blocking a user or changing server settings -- to moderate their experience on Discord before submitting a report.
so basically you're saying you're lazy fucks and we have to live in filth because you can't be bothered to clean it up?

my mom had me at 32

>average women start having kids when they are 30

chicanos btfo as always

i wish i was a noble CHI

>average women start having kids when they are 30

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cucked by unions lmao

mine had me at 16 but thats rare

stop posting about my mom

19 here #SlutMoms

wish i had skills

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Follow me on snap


Lawl mine was 38

post a picture of cassandra already bro dont be such a jerk

le stinky monke

mine was 31
oldest sibling at 25

Behold Catsandra


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when will we do regular steam group games for the wekeend?

>go to Yas Forums for the first time in years
>immediately see this shit
never going back

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Dude it's midnight. Not time for animal posting


just gonna hide that post. better shape up user, or ill hafta filter ya

All me

fastest boner i've popped in a while

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I would

belly > hips > face > tits > legs > ass

i NEED a milf gf NOW


whoa baby

a good face is more important than anything else

t. underage

t. Gay

>That dirty mirror
Fucking dropped

buncha homofags in cum tbqh

I speak the truth. If a woman's face is ugly, it depricates all other features

I like to listen to Uruguayan radio stations when it's late at night

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goddamn why is XFCE4 so goddamn ugly

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someone race lotuses at imola with me

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Just use GNOME bro :^)

We are becoming god