I love China!

I love China!

Pictured is a girl representative of real China

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I agree

Isn't the flag of Taiwan?

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pic related is the crown princess of real china (whose pits i also want to lick)

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flag of taiwan - province of China.

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How much the Chinese government pays you to make this post?

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Nice try Chang
The Republic of China is the only legitimate China.

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No one believes in that, no even your government

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that is why Chinese people rejected PRC and chose ROC instea- o-oh...
also this

based and JOMONpilled

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>Implying China doesnt apply pressure to world governments on the Taiwan issue
>the Chinese always make good decisions

China is a counterfeit country full of dumb moronic slaves.

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I deeply respect the ideals of Dr. Sun but the Republic of China in practice was a huge failure and was just as bad as the Qing

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I'm Taiwanese and would unironically want Japan to annex us

You know what that means right? You're funding a rebellion agains't a country that you consider legitimate

Like how the US sells arms to Palestine? Of course the US supports Taiwan.

The US only uses Taiwan as a bargaining chip

Filthy honourless cowards.
I hate your country and the wretched vermin that live on it

I never understood that, isn't Japan directly responsible for the CCP rising to power? They literally destroyed the kuomintang, killed the people and then as consolation had their government relocated to a japanese ex-colony.

Are taiwanese cucks?

Taiwan will never be independent. America is basically the only world power that even remotely rivals China and only uses us as a bargaining chip. If I had to choose between mainland Chinese and Japanese rule, I'd choose Japanese rule in a heartbeat.
My mom told me stories about Taiwan under Jap rule and it seemed pretty awesome. One of the things she mentioned was that no one locked their windows/doors because there were simply no thefts under Japanese rule. I think most of our public transportation system is thanks to the Japs as well so...

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Long live Taiwan

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It was a rhetorical question. You are a weeb cuck and I don't care about your opinion.

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no, CCP and KMT were allies against jap invasion, then after threat of jap was gone they broke off and CCP won.

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Taiwanese Chinese were treated very well under Japanese rule, most of Taiwanese top University and infrastructure were Japanese built.

The kuomintang were retarded, even after they come to taiwan, they terrorize people with white nightmare.
Taiwan and taiwanese chinese should be indepedent from China, ROC or PRC.
I'm glad that the ruling party of Taiwan openly support Taiwanese independent.

Yeah, what I meant was that Japan destroyed most of KMT's infrastructure leaving the civil war basically won by the CCP who had the support of the countryside.

Is this supposed to offend me?

Wrong on all fronts, taiwan should be given back to its Aboriginal population and all the chinese there should be sent back to Beijing or Japan (let's see if they take them). Fact.

>Aboriginal population
A nation with only ~2% of its current population?
Be realistic

>A nation with only ~2% of its current population?
Ok, so the women can stay but are mandated as breeding slaves for abo men, to revitalize the population. Fixed.