let's say you have a gf who genuinely loves you
let's say you find out she has cheated on you but only for the sex, not for having feelings for another man
would you actually leave her if you both really loved each other or would you separate sex from love?


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Why are you asking? You should leave, only a loser would stay. She clearly doesn't love you. If you let this slide I garauntee she will cheat again.

>let's say you find out she has cheated on you but only for the sex
Then she doesn't genuinely love me
>would you actually leave her
It would be the first thing I do

knew this was a Dutch post before I saw the flag

its not real cheating if there were no emotions involved, only insecure incels say otherwise

>Then she doesn't genuinely love me
love and sex are not the same thing
based answer, didn't expect to find one here

Yes, wtf why is this even a question?

Let her cheat on you then, don't get paranoid its not like she's cheated on you befo-.

I would only stay in this relationship if she watched me fuck the man them we did a spit shake agreeing to never indulge in adultery again.

>genuinely loves you.
>gf proceeds to cheat.
user drop her.

I wouldn't mind if my partner had sex with another man but I would not stand idly by if she lied to me. Trust is the basis of any real relationship. I wouldn't make a scene but would make it clear we must separate.

>I wouldn't mind if my partner had sex with another man
>but would make it clear we must separate.
then in what scenario would you not separate?

if she wanted to have sex with another without keeping it a secret from me, which is how these things should work.
Obviously I wouldn't be very pleased and would tell her as much, but if I was in a relationship with a woman I loved I wouldn't call it quits or try to stop her if she wanted to have sex. That in itself is not a dealbreaker. Lies and going behind your partner's back are.
I'd like to think that I wouldn't date a woman who did those things or who'd hurt my pride for her own pleasure anyway, so as you said, hypothetically.

yeah this makes sense
but humans have of course two sides: our conscious part of the brain where we decide what we want, and the animalistic part of our brain where our desires are not in our control
so I think if she really loved me but physically needed to have sex with someone else and was honest, I could live with that, it's better than to throw away the love part because of that one aspect

CUUUUUCK can I fuck your gf too? is it your first gf?

My gf cheated on me for an abo named Gordon, I forgave her though and now we've been fine

go be a 12yo elsewhere
>I forgave her though and now we've been fine
what was your experience after you found out and how long did it take for you to be over it?

>love and sex are not the same thing
sex is ultimately a part of love and an act of intimacy. you cannot separate sex and love biologically. she will start to have emotional connection to the man if given time. it will no longer be about physical pleasure.

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She keeps going out during this quarantine thing for shopping and is always on her phone, but I trust that she is no longer fucking Gordon. I also asked Gordon not to fuck her again and he promised he wouldn't. Even if she did, I would forgive her

You must admit is is pretty cucked to let other men fuck your gf. We have a word for people like this losers.

id suck hes bbc and lick the semen out of vagina.

Lmao. Imagine using some dutch cuck's gf as a cumdumpster. Its okay bcz there is no love involved and the "man" is fine with it ;^)

>genuinely loves me
>cheats on me for sex
bitch is gonna have her jaw broken lmao

I'm trying to convince my gf sex does not equal feelings for me
the OP is a hypothetical because I'm the one who fucked another girl, my gf didn't have sex with someone else
do you get it now? do you need to google "hypothetical"?

i'm fine with that, i wasn't able to satisfy her enough. If the man is white of course, if she fucks a nigger then to the woods she will be dragged.

>honey I swear I love you
>our love is above mere desires of the flesh
>I'm not whoring around

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>g-guys i-it was m-me who cheated, p-please don't shame my cuck ass

triggered cuck

Why didn't you say that then?

if she really loved me she wouldnt cheat on me

because she said people would answer differently if I said it was me
so I switched the scenario to show her that even then people can separate sex from feelings.



The biggest cringe of all

I've never had a legally fuckable gf in the first place, I stopped caring back in high school after a big fail

It depends. I view women as sex objects so I would probably be a little turned on but still leave for my dignity and use it as an excuse to get with other women.

Love and sex are not the same thing.
Many wouldn't mind fucking someone else, but they're uncomfortable to say the least when their partner does.
Not fucking around is about recognizing that feeling and abstaining from actions that you know will hurt your partner.

And you got called cuck like 100 times especially by me...

Nah man, once someone cheats then it's over.

You can even be with a person without having some tag as 'boyfriend' gf or whatever, it's up to both to not be with other people

Unironically though, that is an absolute betrayal. You obviously can't kill her or anything, i'd just do my best to make her life hell until she killed herself.