1: You are a cunt

1: You are a cunt.

2: Post landslide elections from your country

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1. no im not
2. my provincial government has been BTFO of every opposition party for decades

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If we are doing local landslides


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1984 election, 525 electoral votes to 13

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In 1984 the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada won the greatest landslide victory in Canadian political history, with over 50% of the popular vote, 211/282 seats in parliament, and a majority in every single province and territory in the country, without exception..


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In 1993, the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada suffered the worst landslide loss in Canadian political history, plummeting to 16% of the popular vote, a pathetic 2 seats in parliament, and going from a majority government to a fifth place finish.


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poor jezza


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The greatest premier Queensland ever had


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How the hell does something like this happen? Surely the Federalists wouldn’t run such a poor candidate

>seat in Westminister
>get completely destroyed in parliament

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Based leprechaun

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delet this

y he hate them so much?

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He was a Young Labor hack for years but had a falling out with another political faction

Hamilton who was the most popular federalist died so they scrambled picking him, who just couldn’t hold up to Jefferson who wrote the constitution itself

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Based Boris

maybe cuz they fucked the country and we have to complain on dial-up 56k modems but what do i know