Hei everiboddi I am Filip Manus from Norway!

Hei everiboddi I am Filip Manus from Norway!
I enteret a mosque and tried to kill all the believers. Just wånted to sei hallo and also we have oil-ye. Very nice.

I am also a terrørist btw, verry scary >:)

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At least post Breivik instead of that failure who couldn't even kill a single person.

He killed his adopted sister didn't he? Think she was chinese.

Oh yeah, i forgot about that one, his sister did nothing wrong so killing her was not based at all.

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she was extremely ugly, wow

He looks like a gremlin.
decidedly not based

Blonde men all look like lesbians

you look like ai girl

hey filip.

how's the face?

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Imagine living with someone your whole life and just being killed for being the wrong race. So fucked up.

has there ever been a non muslim mass killer who wasn't a total incel?

It’s the most fucked up thing about all of this. Truly a psychopath through and through. How did he kill her anyway?


he's slept with over 200 women.

From news website
>Johanne Zhangjia Ihle-Hansen, who was adopted by Manshaus’ father’s girlfriend, was shot three times in head and once in chest

the so called "prophet" muhammed, massive rapist, started his own religion, just to rape.
so yea, there was a mass murderer religous leader killed the native in asia and europe so he could rape women.

fuck the muhammedfuck the allah
women have rights,
gay muhammed dog, fuck the muslims pig shits

Damn what a scumbag but at least he didn’t stab her to death or something hope it was a quick death for her

yeah that's kinda hard to believe especially considering he has no children. don't know where you got that number but if it was from his manifesto or whatever then i wouldn't call it a credible source.

Literally who?

native norwegian who was tried of the mass immigration.
so he killed his adopted little sister (from china) and attacked a mosque, where two 70 years stoppped him.

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JOMON vs yayoi

She was only 17 years old when she was killed by him too.

that means he didnt even get to fuck her
imagine, she's adoptive sister
she's chinese
you're white
and you can't tap it

based paki BVLL

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NGL I lose more respect for whitoids every single time I see his face

I don't know why anyone even tries to beat Breiviks score, it's just not gonna happen.


It would be pretty easy with explosives and a crowded mall.

All it takes is a single KARA BOGA punch to transform a fighting age white nationalist into a 45 year old lesbian.

>in 2020
they're huge open areas anyway so even if it's crowded it won't be very dense. same with those retard czechs who tried blowing up a marathon in boston few years back.