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kek this is me

Emmett stfu kid, you know I’d break your spine in two

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emmett actually believes every australian poster that types with no punctuation is the same person
need him to have a trip but hes not a sex offender as far as im aware

love sucking my toes

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>but hes not a sex offender as far as im aware
he wants to rape his own sister and has a fantasy about fucking his hypothetical daughter

How do you break this things neck exactly?

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Man he’s sick

he namefagged for a while
wonder why he stopped

just heard someone say big fat nothingburger in person. might murder them

need to fuck some male footpussy

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Step one: mount elephant
Step two: wrap arms around elephants neck
Step three: squeeze
Step four: ???
Step five: profit

>wonder why he stopped
people filtered him and he craves attention

he's a known nonce

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So let me get this straight.
>Space is fake
>Dinosaurs are fake
>Aliens are fake
>9/11 is fake
>AIDS is fake
>Corona is fake
>Holocaust is fake
>Nukes are fake
>Reality itself might be fake

Anything else?

you don't the aussie is jsut over confident. the waytheir handlers would kill them if they went beserk in battle was by driving an iron nail through the back of it's skull. you really have to feel sorry for the North African Elephant. they went extinct in pointless battles and in coliseums for plebs amusements

Need Kim Jong Un's sister to sit on my face.

If emmett posts another ugly selfie here I may get sick

yeah but how would his ego spin that?

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The fucking SEETHE lmfao.
My work here is done.
Get a fucking grip.

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no idea
how does his schizo brain spin the fact that he looks like a nazi poster for subhumans yet he's a neonazi?

What's with the weirdo yank in here?

em why'd you stop namefagging?

have to be more specific

reckon it's emmayank with a new gimmick
same autistic obsession on a single thing

just expressing myself :)

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I don’t know, I’ve done it off and on several times. Guess I just felt like it.
Only literal virgins like clogwog care, mate.

emma who?

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he "doesn't know"
low effort, even by his standards

Should you constantly try to be funny and have banter with birds on dating apps/any bird you're chatting to or not
I've heard conflicting advice that some girls will think it looks like you're trying too hard to impress and lose interest because you're just a clown

Ever do a fart and it smells exactly like you've opened a bag of crisps? whats up with that eh?

yeah he's running out of steam as it were

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I’ve always wanted to hunt someone down and kill them

What, do you want some elaborate multi-layered response as to why?
Please, find a hobby. Not for me but for the parents you’ve disappointed in life.

sounds like you're made to collect taxes for the government


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It's not me you fucking clog-wearing homo.

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I know why, I just wanted to hear what you think


hate it when random people stop me in the street to tell me how amazing and attractive I am
it's like come on guys haha let me live my life, you know?

Haven’t even acknowledged clogwog’s existence itt and the little freak is pounding out paragraphs dedicated to me like he’s fucking paid to do it.

I've always wanted to suck irish feet

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knew you'd get spawned
have my OC

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You don’t know anything about anything, mate. Lets be honest. Cheers.

not true
I know all about you and your cause
you're the one who told me I know it

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Ok kid.

might go for a drive

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>mfw this foot poof still hasn't been kicked out

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for old times sake
what have you done for the cause emmett?

ah yes let me just kick him out then




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emmett gen-you-yne-lee on the ropes

dont drink
dont smoke
dont do drugs
just not my scene


Can’t say as I’ve learned to value and appreciate my freedom. Don’t feign ignorance, sweetie.

im agnostic


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I am the king of the faeries

thoughts? still not sure if i should wear gold or silver

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as I said, I'm well aware of who you are and what you've done

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Runt cage status : rattled.

Oh for fuck sake. Get some help you absolute melter.

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could you tone it down with the homophobia please?

dont need artificial pleasure amplifiers to enjoy my life

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very disappointed to here that emmett, is in fact, a sex offender

What are Irish people like?

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ahh, so this is /brit/ huh?

any chris-chan documentary man in?


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So how come I know why you stopped namefagging but you don't?
you won't get arrested for sharing that info

don't have a job
don't talk to any girls
don't have any friends
just not my scene

big fan of the gay porn spammer

based department

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The men have nice feet

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are you the fabled virgin kiwi? very rare species

disappointed to “hear” mate
we’ll make a primary school speller out of you yet

*pops my head around the door*
Alri lads how's it fo...bloody hell what's going on in here?

No I lost my virginity when I was 15.

generally those with blue veins look better in gold and green in silver, check your wrists